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101desires – How Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Desires


Visualization can be an extremely useful way of realizing our dreams. It enhances selective attention, stimulates mental pathways that refine movements before they’re performed and motivates us toward our desired goals. Professional athletes use visualization as part of their preparation for competitions; stroke victims use it to accelerate recovery.

Close your eyes and visualize the outcome you desire in full sensory detail, both when you wake up and when it is time for sleep. Writing down your desires on a vision board or having them within eyeshot can also help them feel more real. offers an intuitive user-experience and comprehensive blog about Google Workspace, covering subjects ranging from facts syncing to manipulating responsibilities. Plus, regular updates ensure you stay abreast of its latest capabilities!


Goal-setting can help us turn aspirations into concrete objectives – from weight loss, starting a business, or writing that book. Setting goals helps us clarify what it is we want from life while motivating us to take steps toward meeting them – plus meeting goals consistently has even been shown to change brain structure for greater resilience!

Settling and meeting goals are essential elements of personal and team success. Incorporating input from all team members is critical when setting goals, to ensure their ideas are included and reflect the collective vision. With clear goals in place, you can track progress, overcome procrastination and visualize your dreams more easily while setting deadlines to keep yourself on the right path.

Creating a vision board

Vision boards can be an effective way to articulate and clarify your goals and dreams. A vision board works by placing images that symbolize what you want out of life – such as sandy beaches or adorable puppies – onto an abstract background. Focusing your energy and time towards these images helps achieve goals more quickly while reminding you to work toward realizing them.

Create your vision board using images found online, in magazines or your own collection – including images found online, in books or on social media platforms such as websites and books. Also look out for inspirational quotes or affirmations statements found on websites, books or social media platforms.

To create your vision board, tap Graphics in the bottom toolbar and choose photos or designs from Hub. You can even layer text by tapping Text and choosing font and color that match your board’s theme. Finally, save your digital board onto either your computer or Hub, where it remains editable should new goals arise in the future – before printing and hanging your physical board somewhere visible!


Self-awareness is an invaluable skill that can transform both your life and work. By understanding yourself better, self-awareness helps you identify both strengths and weaknesses so you can take positive steps to address them, as well as emotional triggers so that they can be dealt with more efficiently.

Self-awareness can be challenging to develop. It isn’t something you either have or don’t; rather it requires practice to stay attuned with our thoughts and emotions. Overthinking can be detrimental; try being more mindful by observing thoughts without judgment.

Ask others for feedback about your behavior and how it is received by others. Often we are unaware of the impact our behaviors have on others; for instance if you notice you tend to lie frequently it might be useful to consider how telling lies might impact others before speaking them out loud.

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