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A Comparative Study Between Audio Mastering and Mixing: Essential Points

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There are multiple steps that involve making a complete music track. So you must opt for the best mixing and mastering services for a great production. But mainly speaking, there are three crucial steps:

Tracking: This process involves the recording of the track, which is the raw file. So you will have to further polish and work on this base file.

Mixing: This is the second step, where you add various elements to your music. Depending on the requirement, you can add tracks, vocals, instruments, and anything else.

Mastering: The final stage is mastering the audio file, and it is the final step. It involves making final fixes on the ready tracks, setting the sequence, and so on.

Mastering and Mixing: A Comparative Study

A. The most crucial difference between the two is that in mastering, you are working on the entire track; you are working on polishing the final track so that it is ready for use. But in mixing, you are trying to form a balance between different tracks or elements.

You take various parts and make it a whole track. So you have to first mix your track, and then you must master it. It cannot be the other way. In a way, it is safe to say that mixing is the step right before mastering the audio file.

B. Since the product you need to master is almost a final product, you can no longer make changes or tweaks. So you have to work under some limitations, but that is not the case when you are mixing. You can add or remove vocals, and you can alter the frequency and loudness meter, and change audio effects.

C. It is a much more strenuous task to mix audio than when you have to master it. Mixing involves making multiple changes and working with multiple tracks. But when you are mastering audio, you use a single stereo or more than one stem or tracks file. You can make broad changes that will alter the overall presentation of the music, but nothing more detailed.

D. Mastering audio would mean that you are looking into the audio quality of the track. You need to check if the music is too loud for speakers, if there is any extra noise in the track, and so on.

But when you are mixing a track, you check if the piece conveys the artist’s vision. If it is a pop track or metal, you need to be able to mix the elements accordingly.

E. When you are mixing a track; your aim is to make different instruments sound great together. When mastering a track, you aim to make different sounds feel great together. So in mixing, your need to be good with instruments and understand which works well and with what. But in mastering, you are handling ready tracks, so you need expertise in the subject matter.

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