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A Guide to Boosting Your Sexual Desire If You Suffer from Low Libido


A year of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected so much about our lives, including our sexual health. The pandemic has created incredible stress and anxiety in our lives. We are worried about child care, job uncertainty and getting sick, all while coping with the lack of independence or socialization due to stay-at-home orders and continued remote work and school. All of this worry can lead to low libido — or reduced sexual desire — sometimes affecting one partner more than the other.

While libido discrepancies are not entirely uncommon in relationships, sometimes differences in sexual desire become a problem. There can be many causes for a decrease in desire, but there are also many solutions for increasing your libido. Here are some tips and tricks to recognize low libido – and ways to boost it if desired.

  1. Give each other space. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is spending too much time together. Partners need to have enough space, both emotionally and physically. Everyone should have an opportunity to experience “alone” time. This is a great way to better appreciate your partner. Mothers who spend the entire day with children particularly need alone time. By encouraging your partner to have alone time and creating physical and emotional space during the day, you are encouraging self-care.
  2. Understand how stress affects libido. The pandemic has caused heightened stress among many people. For women, stress can decrease her cenforce 150 or sex drive. In contrast, men often see sex as a way to reduce stress. This difference in men and women can cause tension in a relationship. Sexual partners often have accelerators and brakes. An accelerator refers to things/activities that spark sexual desire. Brakes, on the other hand, are things that decrease libido. Brainstorm ways to increase accelerators with your partner while also addressing the brakes that may be causing low libido.
  3. Exercise! Many of us have put on “pandemic pounds. We’ve spent more time at home, cooking for comfort and entertainment, and less time exercising at gyms or walking the stairs at work. Exercise boosts endorphins, which in turn increases libido. With warmer weather on the way, take advantage of the outdoors and enjoy the sunlight.
  4. Take depression and anxiety seriously. A decrease in cenforce 100 can cause a decline in mental health. Distress can lead to sexual dysfunction. If you notice a consistent lack of sexual desire in yourself or in your partner that lasts more than six months, reach out to a medical professional. An extended lack of libido could be caused by medical conditions or underlying mental health issues that need treatment.
  5. Try mindful meditation practices. Meditation or mindfulness can help you stay in the moment as opposed to letting your mind drift to the long list of stressors that could interfere with enjoying sex with your partner. Being in the moment is a great way to increase libido.

Patients often are reluctant to talk to their doctor about sex, and they are especially hesitant to discuss low libido. Some patients fear that physicians may not address the problem due to uncertainty or lack of knowledge on what to do to solve the issue. I encourage patients to be open and honest with their physicians.


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