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Best Tips to Design Small Laundry with Big Capacity

Small laundry designs

Although small laundry rooms may seem like a hassle, you can create an efficient and stylish space with the right strategies. Thanks to their space-saving and cost-effective designs, small laundries have become an increasingly popular choice for Australian households.

This article will cover some of the best ways to design small laundries with big capacities.

Why Choose Small Laundry Designs for Your Home?

Small laundry spaces are perfect for Australian homes as they take up a minimum amount of space while offering you all the essentials. They are cost-effective and can fit in any size home or apartment. In addition, they come in many modern styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits your interior design perfectly. 

Small laundry designs also offer great storage options, allowing you to easily store cleaning supplies and other items out of sight. Smaller-sized washers and dryers make navigating tight spaces like hallways or between appliances easier. And with extra shelving, you can create a more organised look with your small laundry room design.

So whether your home has limited space or you’re looking for something more modern, small laundry designs are the perfect solution.

Tips to Get Going

Let’s look at what you can do and how to do it. 

1. Get creative with storage

Small laundry rooms require clever storage solutions to maximise utility. For example, look into hanging shelves or pegboards to keep everything organised and off the floor. You can also look at installing hidden cabinets or drawers in unused spaces like behind doors or over washers and dryers.

2. Use vertical space

If you’re limited on floor space, use all available wall and ceiling space. For instance, you can hang rods for drying clothes, install hooks for hanging items or even add floating shelves to store detergent and other items.

3. Opt for a folding table

If you don’t have room for an ironing board, buy a folding table that can be stored away when unused. It can save you time and energy from setting up the board each time you need it.

4. Choose multi-functional appliances

Small laundry designs often require several types of equipment, so get washers and dryers with multiple functions built in. Many modern machines offer a range of cycles, including steam cleaning and stain removal options – great additions if you’re often tackling demanding laundry loads.

5. Include a drying rack

Drying racks can be invaluable if you’re short of wall space for hanging items up to dry. They are also ideal for delicate items like lingerie, bras and synthetic fabrics that require gentle treatment.

Additional Tips

  • Use baskets and hampers to sort items for washing, making the process quicker and easier.
  • Install a countertop above your washer and dryer so you have somewhere to fold clothes when they’re done.
  • Utilise wall space by installing shelves or cabinets that can store extra supplies like detergent, fabric softener and cleaning tools.
  • Consider buying smaller appliances to save on space (for example, smaller top loaders).


Maybe your home doesn’t have the luxury of a lot of space for a dedicated laundry room. But don’t worry; with careful planning, you can create a small laundry with plenty of storage and the necessary functionality. And when you’re ready to start planning your project, check the ideas mentioned above for small laundry designs for your home and ensure everything fits perfectly.

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