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Conroe Independent School District

Conroe Independent School District serves 67 campuses and boasts a perfect 10/10 ranking in terms of math and reading test scores.

CISD and Tri-County Behavioral Health have joined forces to assist students with accessing mental health services, and should this proposal be approved, it could become available at several campuses by fall.

CISD also offers graduating high school seniors who want to become teachers scholarships that cover tuition, books and fees for college.

The District

CISD serves over 67,000 students over its 348 square miles area and boasts 65 campuses, such as McCullough High School. With its extensive academic successes – national accolades earned through Advanced Placement exams as well as excellence demonstrated across both arts and athletics disciplines – CISD is proud of its standing as a world-class district.

Conroe isd sso stands out as a premier Houston school district by welcoming students of diverse backgrounds into its schools. Per the Texas Education Agency statistics, Conroe schools tend to serve predominantly white pupils while still boasting minorities such as Hispanic and African American enrollment figures.

As a diverse school district, CISD provides programs tailored to meet the needs of all its students. Bilingual/ESL Program allows English Language Learners (ELLs) to build proficiency in Spanish and English while GT/Advanced Academic Program places high performing students into classes designed to push them toward reaching their full potential. Furthermore, CISD practices equal opportunity hiring practices without discrimination on any basis including race, color, national origin, sex, religion age or disability.

The Schools

Conroe Independent School District is committed to being an equal opportunity provider and employer, and does not discriminate on any basis related to race, color, national origin, sex, religion age or disability in its educational programs, activities or employment matters.

The District provides an outstanding academic program, featuring high test scores and a graduation rate of over 97%; as well as winning several State championships in athletic and academic competition. Furthermore, its schools have become known for their visual arts curriculum and numerous Texas Music Educator Association All-State musicians have been awarded.

Students are well served by a highly-qualified staff of teachers at each elementary, intermediate and middle school levels as well as at each high school level. On average, elementary, intermediate and middle school teachers have over 30 years of teaching experience while on average 14 years in high school teaching experience is the norm. You can learn more about individual campuses by viewing their detailed information pages. In addition, The CISD Education Foundation assists both their teachers and students beyond classroom walls by awarding graduating students who seek a teaching career scholarships covering tuition costs, books expenses etc.

The Community

Conroe Independent School District offers a diverse array of academic, extracurricular and athletic programs and achievements for its students living in Conroe, Montgomery, Shenandoah Spring and Woodlands communities. Many high-performing schools can be found here – some ranking among the top 10% for overall testing rankings as well as mathematics and reading proficiency scores.

CISD also provides its teachers with professional development education and models to enable them to effectively and efficiently teach their students, as well as technological resources designed to enhance learning.

In 2022, 41 students from Conroe ISD’s six comprehensive high schools were honored as Texas Music Educators Association All-State musicians in band, choir and orchestra – the highest number ever recognized from any District! This was due to an emphasis placed on music education at all levels within the District; combined with community support of the arts as well as Conroe ISD’s dedication to excellence across all aspects.

The City of Conroe

Conroe Independent School District (CISD), located in Conroe, Texas is a public school district comprising 348 square miles. CISD includes 30 elementary schools, 9 intermediate schools, 7 junior high schools, 6 high schools and two academies in addition to special education and alternative discipline schools. Rated A by GreatSchools for academic performance, some of its schools have earned the College Success Award due to their track record in helping their students enroll and remain in college.

The district earned the Met Standard rating in 2018. Campuses across the district excel academically, with six schools scoring 90 or above on their TEA STAAR raw component scaled score. Furthermore, several of these schools are widely recognized for their strong music programs with several students receiving All-State recognition in band and choir programs. Athletically speaking, our district has an outstanding history that includes several local and State championships.

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