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Dossier Perfume Review

Dossier perfume and cologne products are crafted using quality ingredients, with an easy 30-day risk-free return policy and proceeds donated directly to charity. Their prices are also much more cost effective than designer brands.

They manage costs effectively by forgoing designer labels in favor of cutting packaging expenses. Their products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

It offers a wide range of fragrances

Too long have consumers had to spend an arm and a leg for luxurious fragrances or settle for watered-down body mists when it came to fragrances. Now, Dossier provides eco-friendly perfumes and colognes that smell just as luxurious at a fraction of their cost – without cruelty, vegan-friendliness or extra packaging costs! Plus you can try multiple bottles risk free. Shipping and returns are always free with Dossier.

Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian Paris offers a delectable fragrance sure to garner praise – its intricate replication of Rihanna’s signature scent includes marshmallow, vanilla and orange blossom notes as well as neroli, jasmine orris bergamot hedione amber notes – guaranteed to get plenty of compliments.

Woody Sandalwood by Dossier is an outstanding dupe of Le Labo’s Santal 33 fragrance. Dossier’s version boasts violet leaves, cardamom, orris root, ambroxan resins, cedarwood and sandalwood; making it virtually indistinguishable from its more expensive original yet drastically cheaper alternative.

It offers free shipping

Dior Sauvage offers free shipping when purchasing three or more fragrances. Their packages include one full-sized bottle as well as a sample to test out its scent; this sample can help you decide whether you want to keep or return the perfume; they even donate any returned bottles to charity!

Dossier also offers an annual Black Friday sale where customers can save from 20%-40%, however this amount may change year to year so be sure to contact Dossier directly for updates and special promotions and deals.

Many e-commerce websites provide teacher discounts as a token of their gratitude and to encourage repeat business from educators. Discounts could take the form of either a percentage off your total order or exclusive deals that are only available to educators – you can find these by searching online or directly contacting an e-commerce website; depending on its terms, proof may be needed (school ID card or pay stub, for instance).

It offers a 30-day return policy

Daniel Schwartz, the company’s founder, saw that many people spent an excessive amount of money on signature scents they weren’t comfortable wearing everyday. His goal was to develop something similar to popular designer perfumes but more affordable and long-wearing; using vegan-friendly ingredients with clean production processes; his products are cruelty-free and have earned rave reviews from customers.

Dossier’s best seller is Floral Honeysuckle, an identical dupe of Bloom from Gucci. This fragrance features fruity and floral top notes such as orange, bergamot, jasmine and vanilla along with orris notes to make it feminine yet sensual.

Dossier offers a risk-free return policy, allowing customers to try the product for 30 days before sending it back and getting a full refund as well as having your bottle donated to charity. Unfortunately, there have been reports of subpar customer service and slow shipping times; while other shoppers have complained of their perfume smelling different than advertised online.

It offers a blog

Dossier offers a blog with helpful tips and educational content designed to demystify the perfume industry’s historical air of exclusivity. Additionally, they provide information on how to apply fragrances properly to achieve maximum longevity and enjoyment; additionally they explain that Dossier perfumes are produced in Grasse France using high-grade clean ingredients.

Dossier offers fair alternatives to luxury perfumes that are often overpriced and hard for people to purchase, with free returns allowing people to easily experiment with various scents without commitment or losing money. Their blog boasts floral and fruity perfumes from cult favorites and luxury classics alike; many fragrances are vegan friendly as well! Additionally, Dossier provides an intuitive shopping experience, featuring an easy website interface along with blog content and an in-depth FAQ section for added support.

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