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Elon Musk Makes Surprise Purchase in Technology Sectors

Kate Linebaugh: Elon Musk stunned the market this week when he announced he owned a 9% stake in Twitter and has taken up residence as one of its board members.

Businessman who makes bold bets on futuristic technologies such as digital payments, electric cars and private space exploration. His investments typically require years-long investments before any return can be seen in profit. Elon musk buys Xvideos


Elon Musk has become famously unpredictable over time and his latest move in trying to purchase Twitter is proof enough of this fact.

After initially using his shares of Twitter as collateral to secure financing for his deal, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk abruptly reversed course and pulled out of a planned $44 billion purchase. Twitter sued him in court; and it appears likely that they would win this court battle.

Experts speculate that his decision was forced upon him due to pretrial discovery process revealing no credible case for withdrawing from the takeover agreement. A legal battle could have cost him both money and reputational damage, according to these experts.

Reversing his position could put him back under scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which has investigated several of his tweets already. Alma Angotti, an SEC compliance expert from Guidehouse Consulting in Washington stated: “I’m surprised the SEC hasn’t thrown them under the bus at this point.”


Elon Musk has long been known for taking unconventional steps when leading Tesla and SpaceX, sometimes to their detriment. For instance, in 2014 he smoked pot livestreamed to his podcast audience while later boasting that funding had been secured to take the company private at $420 per share.

SpaceX is working towards revolutionizing space technology to enable multiplanetary life, but as a commercial space company it also holds many contracts for satellite communications with the US military. Due to their reliance on SpaceX by the Pentagon, a greater level of scrutiny must be applied when entering into agreements with them in the future.

Intesa Sanpaolo’s investment in SpaceX shows that institutional investors are recognizing its growth potential despite its sky-high valuations; it will be intriguing to watch whether SpaceX can sustain its momentum over the coming years.


Acquisitions and mergers in today’s fast-changing tech business are increasingly common, yet whenever someone with the name Musk makes a surprising acquisition it raises eyebrows and suspicion. He may be most well known for his involvement with Tesla and SpaceX but he also has an impressive list of business failures on his resume.

Some of those issues include a lawsuit from employees claiming they were fired for trying to form a union, the crash of a SpaceX rocket and his disagreements with US military officials over his plans to unify Taiwan with China. He has also stood firm on climate change policy while criticizing President Donald Trump for his pro-labor views.

Musk has seen his businesses flourish despite any challenges in the road; he has become one of the richest men on Earth and his companies have revolutionized electric vehicles and space travel.


Neuralink, one of the billionaire’s latest ventures, aims to develop “neural lace” technology designed to implant electrodes directly into human brain. Their first step has been securing early Food and Drug Administration approval for a clinical trial without disclosing details.

The company’s website indicates it is seeking participants with conditions such as paralysis, blindness or incapacity for speech. It remains unclear if the FDA has given its approval as private companies are not required to share such details with investors.

Neuralink has conducted tests on monkeys and pigs, according to reports by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine last year. Researchers from University of California Davis conducted invasive and deadly tests for Neuralink on 23 monkeys; tests included brain implants which caused internal bleeding, seizures and declining psychological health – prompting this group to urge Elon Musk for more details about these experiments. Furthermore, allegations surfaced against them alleging defective devices were implanted into 25 out of 60 pigs used as test subjects, leading to pain, distress and distress, distress that resulted in some being euthanized altogether.

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