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Essential Things To Know About Custom Chipboard Boxes

Essential Things To Know About Custom Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard boxes have six sides and are usually made of paper material. Most people do not spend a lot of time thinking about the shapes and sizes of boxes, but the reality is that there are many different types of packaging and plenty of other materials used to make these boxes.

One type of packaging is chipboard boxes. Custom chipboard boxes are made in various designs and have many different purposes.

We all see the impact wood has in our daily life. Everything from our houses and furniture to our paper and books is manufactured from wood.

But did you know that even leftover wood can be used to craft a vast range of packaging products? Also known as paperboard, chipboard is a reliable and robust material made from modest materials like sawdust.

What Are Chipboard Packaging Boxes:

Chipboard packaging boxes are rigid paperboard products. It is made from a slurry of hot water and recyclable paper material that has been pressed into different stages of thicknesses.

This process gives the materials their signature delicate, clean finish stages.

The chipboard board material is typically used for gift or product boxes because of the smooth surface:

  • Product display cases
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Signage
  • Product sleeves

Unique And Effective Packaging Of Boxes:

Custom luxury rigid boxes offer a unique and cost-effective direct packaging solution for many industries. These types of chipboard boxes are potentially limitless.

Here are some common examples of products that rely on chipboard boxes wholesale:

  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical

(pain relievers, toothpaste, cold medicine, tissue)

  • Food products

(cereal, pasta, chips, crackers, cookies)

  • Personal care products

(beauty products, cosmetics items)

  • Fashion items

(clothes or shoe boxes)

  • Office Supplies

(business cards, stationary, folders)

The Manufacturing Process Of Packaging:

  • Material process
  • Designing of boxes
  • Printing techniques for packaging
  • Add innovative and creative styles

Material Process

Custom boxes wholesale are analogous to cardboard but are sturdier and typically have an uncoated side. It is thicker than regular cardboard boxes, which makes it durable, but it is also thin and versatile.

As examples, we will fold it into the form of:

  1. Cereal boxes
  2. Understated wholesale boxes
  3. Point-of-purchase display boxes
  4. Packaging for board games
  5. Other retail products

Designing Of Boxes:

Many consumers choose unique designs and styles of chipboard packaging boxes. You can design your boxes’ corners and angles according to your needs. After this, the prototype of custom printed cardboard paper chipboard boxes wholesale you make additional changes to in boxes.

Printing Techniques Of Packaging:

Experienced printing engineers and designers pay extra attention to the packaging of custom boxes wholesale to drag ahead.

  • Low wholesale prices that beat the competition
  • Packaging design templates
  • Free design help from experienced staff members
  • Low-cost shipping of your custom-printed cardboard paper chipboard boxes wholesale to your desired location

Add Innovative And Creative Styles:

Small cheap chipboard box manufacturers save plenty of cash in terms of future use of chipboard for packaging needs, adding alternative coatings to make custom chipboard box packaging look more appealing.

A number of the add-on options can be able to use as follows:

  1. Matte lamination
  2. Glossy coats
  3. Spot UV coats

Uses Of Chipboard In Packaging:

Chipboard packaging boxes are commonly used in retail packaging. Its flexible packaging design allows it to be cut and folded in different sizes, shapes, or thicknesses of these boxes.

Here are some uses for custom packaging boxes :

  • Food packaging
  • Apparel boxes
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Gift packaging boxes

Jewelry Packaging—

Jewelry packaging is so light in weight or small in size that packaging it in cardboard would be overkill. Chipboard has the advantage that the thin layers can be shaped into small yet protective boxes. Chipboard boxes can be used very effectively for packaging of jewelry purposes.

Food Packaging—

Chipboard packaging boxes are also used for food packaging boxes. The thin layer ensures the product doesn’t take up too much protection. It is essential that the product does not break, leak, or get contaminated. Chipboard boxes’ wholesale layer of security ensures this does not happen.

Apparel Boxes—

Clothes are not fragile. There is no need to package them in thick or hefty cardboard boxes. Therefore, custom chipboard boxes are used for lightweight packaging to print a logo.

Gift Packaging Boxes—

Gift boxes particularly benefit from chipboard ability to be customized or printed. Add color schemes, unique artwork, or a logo to fit any special occasion. The chipboard packaging boxes’ smooth appearance is more sophisticated than corrugated cardboard.

Sum Up!

Custom chipboard boxes are the best solution for your packaging. It is thin, flexible, and can be printed in any design or style. Chipboard packaging boxes also look sleek on shelves without sacrificing protection. While made out of similar materials of chipboard boxes wholesale, it is versatility comes close to that of corrugated cardboard.

If you’re looking for the material that can be printed directly, will protect the products from harmful effects and support without taking much space or time, is eco-friendly, cardboard packaging material for your custom chipboard boxes.

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