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Everything about service b mercedes in Dubai

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From 1969 onward, Heinz Gietz Autohaus has been the most reliable service b mercedes. Each service we offer includes an in-depth examination of the vehicle to check for leaks, wear or other small issues, to be addressed before they become costly expenses later down the line.

This article will go over this article to review the ASSYST Active Service System as well as B and A services that you can avail for your service b mercedes.


Since 1997 the Mercedes-Benz models all use an alternative version that uses the ASSYST Active Service System that helps owners be aware of which services on their vehicle need to be completed and when they must be completed. If a service has been scheduled, the wrench will appear on the dashboard the message “Service A” or “Service B”. In the middle of the message an odometer is counted down, which will show precisely how many miles are remaining until the due date for the service.

This system gives you ample time to schedule appointments to ensure that you’re not running late for services or ignoring any crucial services. The system is a computer on board which alerts owners to requirements for service to ensure that they are dealt with quickly and easily.

The system examines the engine and the other components of the vehicle for wear using special sensors and algorithms to decide how many miles will be required between maintenance. The ASSYST system is programmed to activate between 9,000 miles and 15,500 miles between twelve and 24-months or whatever comes first.


If your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is older than 2009 models and earlier, the ASSYST Plus System is utilized. The ASSYST plus System uses an array of Services starting with A and ending with H. It also provides additional mileage-based suggestions. What exactly is with Services A or Service B?


Complete inspection of the vehicle’s engine bay, the fluids brakes, lights and suspension

Brake fluid moisture test

Make sure you top off the washer and coolant fluid.

Test of battery load

Verify and adjust the tire pressure


A thorough examination of the engine bay, the fluids brakes, lighting, and suspension

Engine oil and filter changes

Brake fluid moisture test

Make sure to top off the washer and coolant fluid.

Test of battery load

Verify and adjust the tire pressure

Refill the cabin’s air filter.


If you adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer regarding regular maintenance, you will be capable of maintaining the optimal performance and durability of your vehicle. If you perform the recommended Mercedes maintenance on time, you’ll avoid issues, guarantee your vehicle’s safety as well as ensure that it is fuel efficient and reduce emissions, increase the value of reselling your car, provide yourself with peace of mind and reduce costs of operation.  Delaying a major overhaul of the oil or topping-off coolant too early can result in the need for a replacement of cylinders, service b mercedes.

We at HG Performance, we take the time to review every aspect of your car by printing the manufacturer’s guidelines for servicing and then taking a line-by-line approach to ensure your car is up-to-date on every scheduled service. If your ASSYST system informs the owner that their Mercedes-Benz needs to be serviced Contact us to set up an appointment with us for service.

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