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Guru Review – A Freelance Marketplace For Freelancers

Guru is an international marketplace for freelance professionals, offering both free membership and paid plans that enable you to send more quotations per month. Furthermore, there is also a blog section with advice about posting job ads.

FindWorkOnFreelancers is an effective way of finding freelance work, and has earned itself an excellent reputation among freelancers. Features of the platform include 24-hour support and free job postings.

It’s a freelance marketplace

Marketing Services is a freelance marketplace that helps companies locate independent workers for commissioned projects. The site offers various features, such as a large talent pool and project management tools, payment methods such as hourly or milestone contracts, as well as flexible contracts that often attract underqualified and unprofessional freelancers to its platform. However, its flexibility may sometimes result in unqualified and unprofessional freelancers joining its marketplace.

While other platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork offer more cost-effective rates, Guru has some distinct advantages over them. Notably, its membership does not require minimum experience levels to join and its Safe Pay system protects freelancers by holding funds escrowed until a job has been completed.

Users may withdraw earnings from their account using various withdrawal methods, including direct bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfers. Withdrawal limits vary for these payment options: $25 for PayPal/Payoneer withdrawals and $50 for wires transfers. In addition, the platform charges a 2.9% transaction handling fee similar to other freelance platforms.

It’s easy to use

Guru provides an affordable way of finding freelancers within your budget. Membership options are readily available, while it also supports multiple payment methods and job ads are free; there is however, a transaction fee associated with hiring freelancers through this platform.

Search tool on this site helps you narrow your results by providing filters such as skill set, price range and location. Results page shows how many freelancers meet those criteria while profile provides six methods to evaluate them.

AutoFund, another feature offered by SafePay, will automatically transfer funds from your bank account into SafePay when active agreements with freelancers come due, saving you from having to manage payments individually for every project. In case of disputes with freelancers, submission of evidence can help the matter arbitrated; an arbitrator will review work agreements, communications records and delivered work before reaching their decision.

It’s affordable

The website offers multiple membership plans; free membership allows up to ten quotations each month while paid options allow more, have a more prominent listing and can make transactions private – which may come in handy depending on your project requirements.

Guru offers a rating system that allows freelancers to rate clients based on feedback, providing freelancers an effective safeguard against scams while making it easy for fakers to boost their ratings by means of manipulation.

If you have a dispute with a freelancer on the platform, arbitration can help settle it quickly. An arbitrator will review your work agreement, job expectations, communication on the site and delivered work before issuing their verdict – however it could take two business days before they respond; making this option impractical if looking to earn quick money quickly.

It’s not easy to find a job

Guru has long been one of the premier websites for freelancers and offers them various services. Due to word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews, it has become one of the more sought-after websites by freelancers. While membership on Guru is free, when hiring freelancers a transaction fee must be paid.

To find work on Guru, it’s essential to create an account and complete your profile. Here is your chance to showcase your skills and set yourself apart from other freelancers; your profile should contain photos, screen names and any relevant experience as well as education credentials or any other important qualifications that would set you apart from your competitors.

The website allows you to select your payment preferences and protects your job through SafePay, so your payments will arrive when completed and scammers won’t steal them from you. Choose between weekly, biweekly or monthly payments for milestone payments as well as specify the amounts per milestone payment.

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