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Top 7 Home Security Checklist to Make Your Home a Safe Place

Home Security Checklist

We all love decorating our home more than setting up security systems. But, do you know every 15 seconds a home burglary occurs in the US? Despite this serious issue, most homeowners are least concerned about securing their home from intruders. Home security should be your top priority because the security of your family and valuable depends on how secure your home is. In this post, we will go through an important home security checklist that you need to follow to secure your new home.

#1 Check your doors

Front doors are the first entry point for burglars, so don’t help them stroll through your front door. Inspect all the exterior doors of your house and make sure the door locks are functioning properly, the door frames are strong and the hinges are protected. You should also check if the quality of locks is intact.

If you are moving to a new residence that was previously owned by someone else, get all the locks changed or rekeyed with the help of a professional locksmith near me. This way you can ensure nobody out there has a key to your house, and your home and occupants are adequately protected.

#2 Secure your windows

After you ensure the safety of your doors, you should then go to inspect the safety of your windows. Windows are often left shut, but unlocked. This makes easy for the intruders to break the window and get in. Hence, make sure you install safety locks on the windows that cannot be forced open. If your window glasses are breakable, make sure you replace them with unbreakable ones or reinforce with window security film.

Moreover, make sure you secure windows on both the first and second floors. Don’t be mistaken to assume that the window on the second floor is inaccessible. Burglars today are inventive when it comes to looking for ways to break an insecure window.

#3 Make sure you have a home security camera

You must have seen in the news about burglars and intruders being caught on the security cameras. Adding security cameras will not only deter burglars, but can also help you catch the culprit in case of robbery. Moreover, having a camera on the front door can help you identify visitors.

There are specialist security cameras available that you can install all around your house and keep a watch from anywhere. You can watch people approaching your front door in the real-time. Some also come with two-way audio systems, allowing you to talk to the person on the other side of the door.

#4 Spare key management

Having a spare key is great, but you need to be careful about whom you give the spare key. If you are thinking to hide it outside your house, then you are putting your home at risk. That is because criminals are aware of most hiding spots and no matter how smart you think your hiding place is, there is a good chance that an intruder will find it.

It is best to hand over the spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend. This way you will get a peace of mind that your keys are with people you trust and relieve you from thinking that a burglar might have found your keys in case you have chosen to hide it outside your house.

#5 Inspect your garages and sheds

If you think burglars are only interested in robbing your house, then you are mistaken. Garages and sheds are also becoming more popular with criminals. Even if they cannot access your home, they will try to trespass your garages and sheds. That is because burglars know most people keep their valuable possessions, such as cars, furniture and expensive equipment boxed up in the storage.

Hence, make it a habit of locking all the doors of garages and sheds. If needed, secure them with extra locks. If you are using a smart lock, make sure you keep it secured and never unlock it in front of neighbors, delivery people or any stranger. This will prevent burglars from accessing your garage when you are away.

#6 Store all your valuables in a safe

Let’s just assume even after setting up security measures, burglars find a way to your home. Although the chances are unlikely, but if this happens, you should be prepared. Make sure you store all your invaluable possessions, such as money, jewelry and confidential documents in a locked safe.

Having an in-home safe depository is vital. Safes are designed to protect your invaluable from theft. Hence, it is a good idea to invest in a good safe. While buying a safe, consider buying one that is highly secure, fireproof and heavy enough that a burglar cannot walk away with it.

#7 Make it look like someone is at home and awake

If you plan to go on vacation, then make it look like someone is at home, which will discourage burglars from invading your home. Some easy and effective ways to make it appear that someone is present in your house is by leaving a light on. This can be also be helpful in keeping the burglars away during the night as they are forced to think that someone is still awake.

In addition, you can use smart doorbell which can be answered using a mobile phone. This makes a stranger think that you are inside, but cannot come to the door. This will put anyone off who has knocked your door when you weren’t there. You can also use timed lighting that goes on and off at different time intervals.

Final Thoughts Determining how to secure your home doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow these tips, you can have a worry-free sleep at night, whether you are at home or on vacation. Being aware of the potential risks and taking actions early is the best way to keep your home, belongings and family members safe.

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