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How To Draw Spider-man Drawing Easy

How To Draw Spider-man Drawing Easy

Spider-man Drawing Easy is the holiday season, and there are many clues, such as Christmas trees inside and decorations outdoors. Another throwback to this time is the elf on the shelf custom.

It might be a lot of fun to learn how to draw an elf on a shelf and make some festive artwork to get into the Christmas spirit. Fortunately, this essay will thoroughly explain how to do it. It would be best if you had a lot of fun working on this step-by-step guide on drawing an elf on a shelf.

Drawing in Step By Step


  • We’ll start at the top in this first section of our tutorial on drawing an elf on a shelf. Considering that we’ll be working on the elf’s head and hat, this is supposed to be taken literally.
  • I’ll sketch it using a curved line that slows the hat slightly to one side. So that the hat’s rim may be seen, the base will then have a droopy rectangle.
  • You can outline the face and add hair to the sides once the hat is finished.
  • The process for this level is complete, and you can proceed forward.


  • Sketch the elf’s face.
  • In this phase, you will add some facial elements to your elf-on-the-shelf drawing.
  • To show the pupils, you can use some simple circles for the eyes and smaller circles inside of those circles. The elf’s mouth and nose can be drawn with lines to create a smile.
  • You may finish this phase by putting some ears on the sides of the head.


  • Step three is to draw the elf’s spiky collar.
  • We will temporarily move on from the head in this section of our instructions for an elf on the shelf and start drawing the garments.
  • We’ll start by creating the wide collar for the elf’s shirt. To create the spikes on the collar’s bottom, draw some ragged lines.
  • Let’s go on to more of the elf’s clothing, as we won’t be doing anything else for this phase.


  • Draw your elf’s arms after that.
  • Your illustration of an elf on a shelf will now add some floppy arms because elf-on-a-shelf characters are known for having floppy limbs.
  • You can do so by angular, curved lines descending from the elf’s shoulders. Remember that these arms, as we said, will be somewhat gangly and skinny.
  • The arm on our right will be resting on the surface that the elf is sitting on, as opposed to the arm on our left, resting on the elf’s lap.
  • Although we drew the arms in that position, you can change it if you’d like!


  • You can now finish building the elf’s legs.
  • In this how-to drawing tutorial for an elf on a shelf, we’ll review a few more details before adding gorgeous Christmas colours to your design.
  • We’ll add the elf’s legs, but you can construct the hands first out of little circular shapes.
  • The strap can then be constructed from two lines extending from the buckle, and the belt buckle can be constructed from two squares.
  • More lines from the lap can be added to form the elf’s droopy legs. To finish his shoes, add rounded triangles to the ends of the legs.
  • Draw the shelf beneath him with straight lines because this elf needs one to be more than just an elf.
  • This concludes the information in this manual; however, feel free to add any more details before moving on to the last stage! Next to the elf, you might also draw a few of your favourite holiday decorations.
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