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How to get 10k followers on Instagram? 

get 10k followers on Instagram

Users using Instagram want to increase Instagram followers on their Instagram accounts. Suppose you are also a user who wants to increase followers on your Instagram account. In that case, the article can be very beneficial for you because, in this article, you will get I am going to share some organic tips to get 10k followers on Instagram.

To get more followers on Instagram, you also need to follow Instagram’s algorithm and Instagram algorithm keeps on changing over time. You should also follow Instagram’s updates so that you can work according to Instagram’s algorithm and be successful in getting more Instagram followers.

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Some tips to get 10k followers on Instagram: 

Instagram users can follow some of the organic tips given below to get 10k followers on Instagram on their Instagram accounts because these tips can help you grow Instagram followers. 

Give the Instagram audience a reason to follow you- 

To tell your audience why users should follow your profile for them, first of all, you have to optimize your profile bio so that when a user visits your Instagram profile, he can get to know about you and if those users If impressed by your profile, will follow you and you will get more Instagram followers. Users can tell the following things to optimize their Instagram profile –

  • Catchy phrase 
  • Own name
  • State your niche
  • Achievements
  • Call to action

Pin the post with more likes and views-

Posts with more likes and views are one of the best tips for getting 10k followers on Instagram. Instagram users have got more likes and views by pinning those posts to their Instagram accounts. If you post such posts on your Instagram account, which have got more likes and views when a user visits your profile, then they see the same post first, and such posts can influence the audience and follow you.

Select your niche: 

From day one, Instagram users should select their niche to create and post content related to it. If you do not want to create content in any niche continuously, you can also post unique content by combining two to three niches. If the audience likes your content, they follow you so that you can get 10k followers on Instagram. 

Make a content strategy: 

When you choose the niche to create content, then after that, you have to create a content strategy for how you should post content on your Instagram account. You should also post reels in your content strategy because, with the help of reels, you can grow more Instagram followers. To post on Instagram you can post on your Instagram account in the following way –

  • Single posts
  • Post reels
  • Carousel post 

You should always maintain the balance between posts and reels. 

Reply to every comment and DM-

Interacting with the audience is an important tip for growing Instagram followers. You should reply to the audience’s comments on your Instagram posts because when you do this, you will be able to engage with more audiences. You should also reply to the DM of the audience because it interacts with the audience.


To get 10k followers on Instagram, first, you must create a strong IG profile because Instagram users’ profile plays an important role in influencing the audience. After that, you must follow the tips mentioned earlier to get more followers on your Instagram account. To get followers. And even after adopting these methods, if your Instagram followers do not increase significantly, you can buy Indian Instagram followers and get more followers on your Insta account and grow your Instagram following. 

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