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India’s Top Tech Trends In Food Delivery Apps

food delivery app development company

Every sector has seen technological innovations that have empowered businesses, but the restaurant industry is an exception.

Because of digitization, many restaurants are now adopting technology to streamline their operations and better serve customers.

Although Indian restaurants are using software to manage their operations and bill them, there have been very few technical developments in this sector. Indian restaurants still rely on human resources to operate. Restaurants have many concerns.

They want to increase sales, and profit margins, provide innovative experiences, build customer loyalty, and lower operating costs.

Here are some top tech trends that food delivery mobile apps use for restaurants and individuals.

Restaurants are exploring Direct to Consumer (D2C) models more often

Before the pandemic, delivery penetration was already in full swing. However, a transformation expected to take many years is now happening in months. It suggests that consumers are changing their behavior, possibly to the benefit of restaurant operators, as they contact food delivery app development company, for the betterment of their applications . Consumers are more comfortable ordering food online and will choose to place orders through the company’s direct channels.

Due to shrinking margins, local restaurants have been forced to set up their own social media pages and website to allow online orders. However, they still rely on food aggregators for their sales.

Digital payments in food delivery app


The industry’s future is evident by the increased digital payment volume during COVID.

Payment system. Blockchain is a leading technology that significantly impacts the payment system.

It provides full proof security and guarantees. Therefore, blockchain holds great potential to revolutionize the food industry once it is integrated.

AI and ML are both Part of the Payments

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been gaining a lot of attention.

However, their use in payment is necessary. They are essential to eradicate fraud in online payments. Online transaction is constantly being affected by AI and ML.

Payment channels that are faster, more convenient, and more secure.

Ordering and digital menus

Digital menus aren’t just image-based or PDF menus. They can be ordered at your convenience, and you do not need to wait for staff. Customers today are accustomed to accessing everything via their smartphones, including ordering groceries, cabs, movie tickets, and food delivery.

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Digital menus are easy to use and offer flexibility. This revolutionary technology makes adding new items to your menu and monitoring their performance easier. As a result, a digital menu gives restaurateurs the ability to impact the customer experience, match their expectations, and generate significant revenue. In addition, digital menus allow restaurateurs to lower recurring costs and experiment with pricing for new menu items that were previously almost impossible.

Drone Delivery

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned aircraft systems are called drones. They can fly autonomously using various complex technologies that allow them to have many capabilities. For example, drones can be remotely controlled or operated by onboard computers. Many restaurants and food and drink companies are now aware of the disruptive potential that drones can have. As a result, they have started to experiment with drone delivery.

Cloud Kitchen or Delivery Kitchens are now a Reality

Even though the revenues return faster than expected, online deliveries continue to make up a large portion of Indian restaurants’ revenue. Our estimates show that deliveries account for 60% to 65% of the revenue. As a result, restaurants will need to find ways to reduce operating costs such as electricity and rent, even though consumers are still staying indoors. Cloud Kitchens and delivery-only outlets are viable options for restaurants.

Cloud kitchens are a great way to open new online restaurants and brands. In addition, cloud Kitchen allows restaurateurs to expand existing concepts or create a virtual brand with minimal investment.

Unifying Digital Ordering

Urban Piper allows restaurants to easily manage delivery orders from multiple partners using one dashboard. In addition, it can be integrated with solutions to enable restaurants to collect both in-dining and delivery orders from one screen, streamlining the ordering process.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

Chatbots and AI help online food delivery companies improve their customer experience. Chatbots enable food delivery companies to stay in touch with customers and answer any questions promptly. It allows them to retain loyalty, increase customer relationships, and drive sales.

AI and ML also allow food delivery companies to analyze various aspects of their business, such as market trends’ impact on consumption patterns. As a result, it will enable them to better understand customers’ behavior and provide more personalized services.

ML also assists online food delivery companies to gather real-time traffic data, thereby reducing or providing an exact estimation of delivery time. ML also allows you to predict the effect of temperature and delivery time on food quality. This reduces food waste.


Consumers’ lifestyles and preferences are changing rapidly, mainly due to the technology companies that provide convenience for everyone and easy access via the internet. New trends in restaurant technology are constantly emerging. Technology is always changing. It is essential to keep up to date with the latest industry development and make quick adjustments to accommodate them. Everyone wants to stay ahead of the rest in the restaurant industry. Restaurant entrepreneurs are using cutting-edge technology to grow their businesses and keep up with the industry. For the betterment of your application contact any Application Development Company in India which keeps up with these trends.

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