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Is the Apple Watch Series 8 screen in Pakistan?

Apple Watch Series 8

Nowadays, the tech being utilized in all of the smartwatches is so amazing that you virtually accomplish anything that you can think of. Providing the watch is physically attached to the phone. One of the most recent versions of the company’s flagship wristwatch, the Apple Watch Series 8, was unveiled in 2022. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro cannot compete with this Apple wristwatch, making it genuinely unique.

You may view videos on this incredible watch, but there are certain restrictions that you might not be aware of. I’m aware, right? It’s completely insane. Why would somebody watch a video on their wristwatch rather than view it on their phone? I’ll be delving into this subject for you today and letting you know whether or not you ought to purchase the Apple Watch Series 8.

Here are the subjects we’ll address on the Series 8 smartwatch.

  • Why would you use a wristwatch to view a video?
  • How to view videos on the Apple Watch Series 8
  • In 2023, should you get this watch?

After that, let’s talk about the reasons someone might watch a video on a wristwatch.

Why Would You Use a Smartwatch to Watch a Video?

Now, the first thought that would be running through everyone’s mind is, “Why would I need to watch one?” There are many benefits to using a wristwatch-like the Apple View Series 8 to watch videos.

When it comes to me, I mostly use my Apple Watch Series 7 to watch videos when I’m bored or fiddling. It’s a terrific experience since I can connect to the pre-owned iPhone 12 Pro and view YouTube videos when I have a strong wifi signal.

Here are some explanations for why a smartwatch could be an excellent choice for watching a video.

  • just to kill time. Now, you’re probably correct that the majority of people see this choice as little more than a curiosity. As I’ve already said, I primarily utilize this function when I’m bored or want to impress my friends with it.
  • While you are engaged in another activity. This is so fascinating right now. Simply said, you can’t simply hang on to the phone now and then since you can miss a vital section when mending something or watching a cooking instruction. So you can watch a lesson while doing whatever it is you’re doing without incident utilizing a wristwatch.
  • The best alternative to choose if you want to watch anything privately is a batter. Everyone had encountered the situation when they were using their phones to watch something and someone tried to peek over their shoulder. You won’t have to worry about it if you use a wristwatch since its screen is significantly smaller than a smartphone’s. Additionally, you may always tilt the watch’s face inward to see the video in privacy.

Even though they may not seem like very compelling arguments, many smartwatch owners may gain from them.

How to View Videos on the Apple Watch Series 8

Regarding this, I should mention that I’ve been using the Apple Watch Series 7 for a while and have just recently purchased the Apple Watch Series 8. Since you can view YouTube videos on this Apple wristwatch, I’m not sure whether you can watch conventional videos from your phone’s collection.

Series 8 makes viewing videos as easy as possible. You just need to download the “WatchTube” app on your watch to get started. Although it’s a third-party program, it can essentially display all of the YouTube videos.

The app is opened similarly to other apps after it has been installed on your watch. However, it’s an entirely other situation whenever you start an app. The main featured video page, settings, search bar page, and library page are the four pages that you may visit. All the pages that may be required to create such an app.

Although there are still a few small problems with the program, my new Apple Watch Series 8 runs it flawlessly. You should be aware that there isn’t a formal method to connect this app to your Google account. You’ll essentially have a second YouTube app as a result, and any YouTube channel subscriptions you make on this app won’t be synchronized with your Google account.

It’s great software with a tonne of incredible features you probably won’t anticipate seeing on a wristwatch app.

Is This Watch Worth Buying in 2023?

The key issue right now is: Will you still want a Series 8 watch in 2023? It’s one of the best smartwatches I’ve ever used, therefore I believe you should get one if you can. It’s the best smartwatch I’ve ever used in Pakistan. It has a tonne of incredible features that I know you would like.

There is no better location than Wise Market Pakistan which I would suggest if you want to find the best smartwatch pricing in Pakistan. About a month ago, I upgraded from Series 7 to Series 8, and I got it through Wise Market Pk. They provide some of the greatest rates I’ve yet to come across. I even bought my elder brother an Apple Watch Ultra this month since they’re so nice. Additionally, they provide both new and used mobile phones.

Additionally, you should check out the fantastic accessories and equipment they have to offer. So, if you want to get a Series 7 watch at a reduced price, go to Wisemarket Pakistan.

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