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Is The MS 100 Certification Meaningful?

MS 100 certification
MS 100 certification

Microsoft 365 is an essential part of the business sector and requires administrators and specialists to maintain and supervise numerous programs and collaborate across a wide range of corporate services. A Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification is likely valuable for anyone in the tech industry.

Whether your network is cloud-based (using cloud computing) or uses a hybrid approach, you may come across Microsoft 365 in your career. It could be in your best interest to obtain the Microsoft Certified Professional badge because it is consistent with your professional goals and won’t cost you much.

This should be your reason for earning your MS 100 certification if you are a systems administrator. Sysadmins are in a unique position to gain from being a Microsoft 365 Certified professional because they are well-positioned to prepare for the foreseeable eventuality of working within the Microsoft 365 environment.

Microsoft 365 certification requires candidates to pass two examinations, one of which is the MS-100 and the second is MS-101, a Microsoft certification training specializing in mobility and security. The exam cost of MS-100 is $165. When combined with the MS-101, earning this certification will cost $330 in exam fees.

What is the MS-100?

This MS-100 certifies a candidate’s practical knowledge of Microsoft 365 workloads and understanding of networking, server administration, and IT fundamentals like PowerShell, Active Directory, and DNS.

The MS-100 accreditation is intended for

  • People who desire to work as administrators and engineers with Microsoft 365.
  • People studying for the Microsoft MS-100 exam.

What Does the MS-100 Exam Test assess?

The MS-100 exam assesses a candidate’s proficiency in four areas:

  • Constructing and implementing Microsoft 365 services.
  • Planning Office 365 workloads and applications. 
  • Managing access and authentication. 
  • Managing user identity and roles.
  • Manage cloud security and threats.
  • Experience designing Microsoft artificial intelligence apps.

MS-100 Exam Requirements

Although there are no formal prerequisites to take the MS-100 exam, it is advised that you have at least a year of administrative experience with at least one Microsoft 365 product before you sit for the test.

These Microsoft certification courses are meant to verify advanced administrative abilities. Studying for the certification allows you to see both similarities and differences. As you train to become a Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert, it’s very likely that you’ll pick up some new abilities. 

Benefits of Microsoft MS-100 Certification

#1 Enhanced Capabilities for Managing and Using Microsoft 365 Services

Candidates who prepare for these Microsoft online courses acquire advanced skills in managing Microsoft 365 services and identity. This test covers four key areas, many of which center on using Microsoft 365 capabilities.

  • Design and execution of Microsoft 365 services.
  • Management of identities and user roles.
  • Management of access and authentication.
  • Planning for Office 365 workloads and apps.

Knowledge in each of the aforementioned areas offers you an edge over your coworkers. You will cement your position within the business and win your manager’s respect.

#2. Increased Pay and Benefits with Microsoft (MS-100) certifications 

Given that the Microsoft MS-100 exam will help you develop special abilities and that it is not easy to pass, once you do, you will be qualified to join a select group of people who are respected in the field. Additionally, your management will respect your efforts and recognize your value as a team player. Additionally, adding this international accreditation to your resume will catch the interest of numerous hiring managers. As a result, you possess a better chance of getting a boost in pay, a substantial offer, and excellent benefits.


We’ve covered all of your inquiries here. Now you know how to use the Microsoft MS-100 exam to gain a job role as an enterprise administrator or a related role. The essential thing is you need to succeed at it. Therefore, success will come your way if you put genuine effort into your preparation for MS 100 certification. Your career plus personal development will depend on the accomplishment.

To increase your chances of success on the Microsoft 365 Identity and Services (MS-100) exam, attend an official training course, pass a practice test, and gain practical experience beforehand.

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