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Kudremukh Trek – The Most Beautiful Trek in Karnataka

kudremukh trek


Kudremukh is a tiny hamlet located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, which is well-known for its coffee plantations. Kudremukh means “horse face” because one of the mountainsides resembles a horse. It is a well-liked hiking location because of the varied topography and breathtaking views. Highlights of the Kudremukh monsoon trek include waterfalls, bamboo bushes, streams, and lush vegetation.

All about the Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh is referred to as the “horse’s face” because of its distinctive structure. The Kudremukh Trek in Karnataka is also referred to as Samseparvath because there is only one way to get to Samse village. In Karnataka, Kudremukh, the third-tallest mountain in the state, is situated in the Chikmagalur district of the Western Ghats.

It has incredible fauna, such as deer, peacocks, and other creatures. The elevation of the summit, which is 6,207 feet, can be reached in about 8 hours of hiking. The monsoon season, which is also prime trekking season, is the best time to visit the Kudremuks.

About the best time to plan the Kudremukh trek

Kudremukh, which is in the Western Ghats, receives a lot of rain from June to September. Hikers’ constant companions include leeches, thick clouds, and sporadic showers.

The monsoon season is one of the best times to plan the Kudremukh trek because it offers a unique experience that is well-known among hikers. If you are a trek lover, then you can enjoy this amazing Kudremukh trek during the monsoon season. There are also many beautiful attractions in the Kudremukh Trek’s surroundings that you can enjoy visiting.


About reaching the base camp of the Kudremukh trek

The closest railway station to the Kudremukh trek is in Mangalore, which is situated about 120 km from the trek’s base camp. The Kudremukh Trek basecamp is about 115 kilometers from the closest airport, Mangalore International Airport.

The Kudremukh trek in Karnataka starts in the hamlet of Mullodi, about 15 kilometers from Kalasa. It is difficult to get in touch with Mullodi directly. Starting from Kalasa, the Kudremukh Entrance is 10 kilometers away. Rent a car to travel to Mullodi village’s forest office from the entrance point.

You must first obtain permission to participate in the Kudremukh trek in Mullodi village before beginning your journey. You can travel to Kalasa and then the Kudremukh Entrance Point by car or public transportation.


About the Details on the Kudremukh Trek

Section 1: From the Forest Office to Ontimara (the Lone Tree)

You will only walk through open grassland for less than a kilometer before reaching the First Tree View Point. The first of several streams of water you’ll encounter in this woodland is one you’ll cross after 15 to 20 minutes.

This woodland’s pleasant hiking is made possible by the gentle elevation, and if you’re fortunate, you might even spot some wildlife. Several ferns and shrubs will surround you before you spot an isolated tree that the locals call Ontimara. Kudremukh peak will be visible to you for the very first time from here as the scenery widens.

Section 2: Ontimara to the zig-zag section

The Kudremukh valley is on the right as you begin the ascent from Ontimara, which is level. Before you leave, this trail briefly becomes a forest trail with water streams. After that, you’ll spend at least an hour strolling through a completely open section of the countryside on a winding trail. Hard ascents and bamboo bushes will be all around you. You’ll be climbing hills while strolling along their sides and observing others ascend from below.

As you hike from Ontimara to the zigzag part, be aware of your surroundings as you pass through several stages of undulating hills and wide valleys. You might want to take out your camera to capture the constantly changing scenery. There will be a steep ascent as you approach the zig-zag section. You should look out for the scenery in this section as well. After a while, the entire Kudremukh valley opens up.

Section 3: Ridge hike to Kudremukh peak (zig-zag section)

From where the zigzag part started, you will make a complete U-turn as you head toward the summit. Your entire 1-kilometer journey will take a zigzag path, as the name suggests. Once the zigzagging portion is over, make sure to stop at the British-era church ruins, which are a detour on the right side. Because it was a resting place for British soldiers, its past is fascinating. The structure is now completely decrepit and covered in vegetation. Once you’ve seen the chapel, head back to the trail.

From this point on, you’ll be moving along a ridge because you can see the route and the summit in front of you. The hike’s ascent to the peak, where you can enjoy expansive views of the surrounding hills and valleys, is one of its most picturesque features.

If you’re lucky, you might also have mist and clouds surrounding you. Kudremukh Peak can be reached after another 40 minutes from this location. We completed the trek in four hours and reached the summit of Kudremukh by noon. Without a doubt, the hike’s best views are found at the Kudremukh summit.

You can get a 270-degree view of the mountains in the area. Depending on the weather, clouds, and mist may also be around you. The Kudremukh horse face will also be visible in all its splendor. It is a peak with a horse-like appearance. You can try taking pictures of this and all the other stunning scenery you see from here. Enjoy your packed lunch while taking in the surroundings.



The Kudremukh Trek is a fantastic trekking adventure that you can take part in while on vacation. You can take pleasure in the hike and take in the natural beauty of the area. Your vacations will be more memorable thanks to the Kudremukh Trek.

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