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Leh Ladakh Bike Tour: Things to Remember

leh ladakh bike trip


A well known bike trip to Leh Ladakh is one of the ‘things to do before you die’ for almost all adventure lovers people. There are several people who have done and have the experienced lifetime memories on epic bike expeditions including the Leh Ladakh one.

If you are not a have a bike or a bike trip to Leh pushes you to face new adventures and risks that are worth taking. So if you want to stay prepared for rugged terrains and unpredictable weather and some of the insignificant views of the “Bikers Teerth Dham” which have the insignificant views. 

Here’s are some of the most important items to carry if you are planning for Bike ride to Ladakh.

Safety jacket and gears: 

Not everyone is used to such rough and rugged terrains, unexpected steep turns and slopes and gravel on turns. For your safety purposes it is advisable to wear best quality of safety gears. The list includes 1. Safety Jacket 2. Shin pads 3. good quality full face helmet 4. Full/half fingers gloves 5. Riding pants (good to have).

Dri fit sports clothes : 

The climate in these areas are unpredictable so you have to stay tend to change in a matter of minutes. Henceforth it is a tried and tested method to use dry fit clothes as they do not take much time to dry and can be easily washed and reused. 

Spare memory card : 

If you think, you want to go  to Leh/Ladakh and came back without clicking pictures” or “I have to click more pictures but ran out of memory” doesn’t sound good enough right? Yes the mesmerizing views of nature and the panoramic views that you can experience here with your eyes cannot be captured with the same justice in pictures but if you want still need to keep these memories captured and stored for a lifetime. Here some advice to all the bike trip..

Thermal wear : 

The weather conditions are in these areas go from 36° per day time to 3° to 4° in night or even in negative at times. In these such harsh climate conditions its has a must to carry a pair of thermal wear to keep you warm at night.

Bike spare parts : 

Most of the bike enthusiasts use “Royal Enfield” or “Avenger or Pulsar” for this rude ride. It is serious necessary to have knowledge of how to change Accelerator and Clutch in case of an emergency purposes and also carry some spare ones with you. The mandatory things are not that smooth in all parts and at the pursuing times you may have to cross water crossing with stones which is might damage these wires. The Spare parts to be carried for RE 1.Acceleration and Clutch cable 3. Chain link lock 4. Chain lubricant and engine oil 5. Spark plug 6. Air filter

Medicine and some less known Safety items : 

At the altitudes of 17000 feet is not easy to breathe in easy way. So that if you want to cover this trip without any burden then keep diamox tablets and take it before sleep. This emergency tablets help you to circulate blood and help in oxygen supply at normal level. 

Gum boots : 

This is a essential item for every biker as there are multiple water crossings on the road where in your normal sports shoes will get wet and there are chances that you may not get good sunlight to dry your shoes for the next day. Aftermath these gumboots help in keeping your feet dry and easy to ride in water passes as well in this trip. 

Plastic Sheets for luggage :

Though all the plastic bags are banned in Maharashtra and other states you still carry get those thick plastic sheets which must be blue black and transparent and you are allowed and can be used to cover your luggage from uncertain rains.

If you are going this trip with your own  bike then make sure your bike papers are with you and as well as your  permits to enter specific areas as there are check posts on the way where you need to submit these documents in any situation. If you are found without permits then the officials have the complete right to stop you from going ahead from that point.

And these are some important ‘goods to have’  with you and necessary things have’ list of items to carry if you are planning for a Bike ride to Leh Ladakh.

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