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Levy Tran Wiki: Biography Age Family and Height Career Net Worth Boyfriend, Height Career and More

Your name is what? Levy Tran ?

Levi Tran is one of the most well-known American stars in the entertainment business. It was the name of an American model actor, actress, and TV host. Levy is also a world well-known tattoo artist. She also has worked on numerous projects for Hollywood following her debut performance in 2012. She has been featured in numerous hit T.V movies and shows.

Her most famous works are found in films like Furious 7, The First Purge and Guy Code. She also had a huge success as the sought-after Asian Female model.

Levy Tran Early Life :

Levy Tranwas born in the United States of America on 16th of November in the year 1983. of November, 1983. Her birthplace was San Jose, California. San Jose community of California is located in California in the United States of America and her ethnicity is known as Asian-American to be exact. She is currently 38 years old. older. young. older. born in America and trained in America. United States She holds American citizenship. She is a tradition-based Christian in her faith. She is popular for her work as model, actor, T.V model as well as an actor. She is and model, as well as the world of models. Levy Tran Photo

Weight as well as height :

She’s not huge and her measurement is 1.67 meters, which is equivalent to the height of five feet six inches. She weighs 55kg i.e. 121 lbs. She weighs 55kg, which in pounds would equal 121 pounds. Her measurements are 33-27-35 inches. The size of her bra is 33A. It is 27″ at the waist. Her hips are 35 inches long. The length of her dress is 4 inches.

Levy Tran Wiki :

Name:Levy Tran
Alias:Vy Le Goldfish
Also referred to as:Roenick
Birthdate:16th November 1983
(as as of the year 2021): (as as of 2021):Aged 38
Birthplace:United States
Hometown:San Jose, California
The maximum. size (approx):1.67 meters, or 167 centimeters, or 5 feet. The measurement is six inches. standard measurement for feet.
(approximate) (approximate) (approx):The Kg measure scale, on the it. The scale is Kg 55kg.. In the pounds scale measuring 121lbs.
The dimensions of the human body33 – 27 – 35 inches
The size of the bra:33A
The length that the gown is:4
Waist Size:27
Hip Size:35
Eye color:black
Hair color:black
Type of bodyslim
Ethnicity:Asian American American
Sister:Chi Tran
Status of Relationshipunmarried/single
School:Local High School
Education Qualifications:Graduate
Favorite actor:Dolph Lundgren
Favorite Actress:Amy Johnston
Favorite Foods:Chinese cuisine
My Favourite Color is:Red
Films you love:Female fighters competing at the fight clubs.
Hobbies:Shopping, Travelling
Net Worth:1 million dollars (approx.)

Levy Tran Family :

Levy Tran Family

Levy Tran was born and raised into San Jose, California, United States of America. The girl was the daughter of Vietnamese parents. Her ethnicity can be defined as Asian and American in order to make it more specific. Her country of origin is United States and is a citizen of the United States and holds American citizenship. American citizenship. Additionally, details on the members of her family are not accessible on the internet.Also check out Ryan Kattner’s Age Height Wiki , and many more. Her net worth, her partner and family, as well as lots more.

She hasn’t shared any details about her siblings in the public domain, aside from names of the sisters. Chi was the name of her sibling. Tran is the only one we know from her family.

Levy Tran Education :

Levy Tran was an elementary school pupil at the local schools located in the community she was born in. After she finished high school at the end in 2011, she was awarded an undergrad diploma from the field of development of adolescents and children and minoring in mathematics. After after graduation, she was employed by funeral establishments as embalmer during the year 2011.

Levy is proficient both languages: English and Vietnamese. The year 2011, Tran was interested in pursuing performing in the industry. After her experience in commercials, she decided to relocate from New York to Los Angeles in 2012. Tran later had success modeling as a elite Asian fashion model..

Levy career Tran:

Levy Tranis is a well-known figure within the entertainment industry today and does not require to be presented to the world. The actress is a recognizable name in the world of entertainment and has millions of followers who admire her in all of her layers and through thin. But the recognition and recognition she has earned cannot be achieved in a single day. She’s worked hard to get the position she’s with around the globe.

In 2011 Tran was looking into modeling as a career. She was employed in commercials and moved from New York to Los Angeles in 2012. Tran became successful later in modeling as a top Asian female model. Tran was model for several of the most famous brands like Inked Magazine, Glass Magazine and Tattoo Life. Tran said her favorite tattoo was her “zombie” tattoo, because it’s artistic, however, she regrets her first tattoo she received when she was just 18 years old. Tran Video

Levy Tran Work Life :

Levy Tran Photo

It was also the year when Levy was first seen on TV appearance performance on MTV Show Guy Code as the host. It was 2013 when Tran was a part of an unpopular music video titled “Asian Girlz” produced by Day above Ground. Tran immediately apologized, saying: “I sincerely apologize to anyone who believes I’ve set Asian women back by 50 years. I’m certain that I’ve gained the respect of many who were offended. This wasn’t my intention. The goal was to create an enjoyable and lighthearted piece. Satirical.Also, Elizabeth Gilles: Biography Wiki, Biography, and more. Marriage and family as well as career Net Worth and more:

They’re kind and aren’t discriminatory in any way. That’s all I want to say. Sorry for the inconvenience. “In 2015. Levy began the racing in Furious 7. She was later chosen by judges as one of the most gorgeous females from the Fast & Furious franchise. She was featured on the television show Jungle Justice in 2015, followed by appearances in the movies Female Fight Squad and The Unwilling.

Facts regarding Levy Tran :

  • Tran was an actress on many other shows on TV. She was also Eddie in the season Eight of Shameless.
  • Levy was chosen to play Roenick in the film of the same name, The First Purge.
  • She also appeared in The film of the same name in 2017. Netflix TV series The Haunting of Hill House as Trish Park.
  • Levy was chosen to play part of Levy was selected to take on the character in the role of Desiree “Desi” Nguyen for the final eight episodes of season 3 of MacGyver in the year 2019.
  • Tran has said that she’s enjoyed her performance in the character of Desi and is looking forward to the season 4 premiere.
  • It was in June of this year when Tran was officially confirmed as the main character in season 4 of MacGyver.
  • Tran is incredibly dedicated to her health and fitness.
  • She also said “I would like to begin the new trend of modern-day housewives.
  • Women are often seen sporting colored hair, tattoos, or tattoos. They are all popular in the traditional homes of the area.”

Levy TranRelationship Status :

Levy Tran Photo

Levy has always tried not to reveal her personal secrets from the public spotlight regarding the particulars about her personal life which includes her relationship, status in relationships as well as boyfriends and family. This is the reason she hasn’t spoken about her parents or their boyfriends in the press.

It’s been a while between when Levy has been in Hollywood and she’s been doing a ton of effort in this industry. There isn’t any information about her wedding or any links. It is believed to be that Levy is with a man, and is focusing on her career. Levy is not married, and is thought to be single, and not having a relationship with anyone. She is solely focused on her work.

  • Levy’s marital status doesn’t necessarily mean she is married.
  • The Boyfriend/Husband The Boyfriend/Husband: None
  • Present Relationship Status Current Status Single

Levy Tran Pictures :

Levy Tran PhotoLevy Tran PhotoLevy Tran PhotoLevy Tran PhotoLevy Tran Photo

Levy Tran Net Worth :

Levy Tranis an established TV model and a popular personality and actor who earns the bulk of her income through her work acting in a variety of series and movies. Levy is also a popular tattoo artist, and has participated in many tattoos too.She has been working in the business for a while as well as being known for her excellence in her performance. Her acting career began in 2012. She has appeared in a variety of sitcoms and also popular shows. She has also appeared in a variety of films. Her net worth is estimated to be $1.0 million.

  • Net Worth 1.0 One million dollars approximately

Levy Tran on Social Media :

Levy Tran Photo

She is an active user of Twitter she continues to post frequently. According to different sources she is worth to be 1.0 Million dollars. The actress is a renowned name in the field with millions of fans who love and cherish her in thin and the thick. The fame and respect she has earned can be easily earned. She puts in lots of work every day to achieve the place she’s in currently in her personal life.

Levy Tran FAQ’s :

What’s the significance of the tattoo of Levy Tran?

The heart-shaped design is placed in a sweetpeas-filled garden, featuring pink, ochre and the ochre. Most loved flowers are placed with a heart-shaped design on her chest. ” There is a Bright Light That never goes out of style” is reads in stunning font.

What is Levy Tran measurements?

1.68 m

What is the country of? Tran?


Are there any new versions of Desi that can be used together with MacGyver?

MacGyver has found the perfect person to play the main character in the wake of George Eads’ departure from the show. actress Levy Tran has joined the team of MacGyver along with her character from CBS Action drama Desiree Nguyen. She is also well-known as Desi.

Does the levy belong Tran Viet Nam? Vietnamese Tran?

Levy was born on the 16th of November 1983, on the 16th of November at San Jose, California to Vietnamese parents. She is fluently fluent in English as well as Vietnamese. After graduating from high school in 2011, she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in the field of development in adolescents and children as well as a minor in mathematics. Following that, she worked in funeral establishments as embalmer. This was in 2011.

Does Levy Tran tattoo?

Many people have asked: “Are her tattoos real or are they simply a part of the film?” Answer: “Yes“. They’re all sincere and dedicated to a particular area of study. Levy Tran’s passion for tattoos began when she tattooed the stars she designed in her back.

Are Levy Tran an martial artist?

Levy is also part on her Vietnamese team in her present character as an ex-military agent on MacGyver the CBS show MacGyver (2019). The show’s creators selected her for the role of the physical strength character Desi because of her previous experience in martial arts such as Muay Thai Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing..

What were your top episodes starring Levy Tran in Shameless?

“Shameless” A Gallagher Pedicure (TV Episode 2018)”Shameless” Levy Tran portrays the character of Eddie”Shameless” Shameless” IMDb.

Levy Tran is married?

No, She didn’t get married. She’s single.

What is the significance of trans-levy?

She earned about 1.0 One million USD.


Levy Tran is a well-known TV host, model and actress in films and TV shows. She earns the majority of her money by working as an actress in a variety of television and films. Levy is also an acclaimed tattoo artist , who’s been involved on several projects in the field.

Levy is an established name in the entertainment industry and doesn’t require any additional introduction. Her name is known as a celebrity in the business as well as having millions of fans who love her through good and bad.

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