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SEO content: why go back and optimize your old content?

Natural referencing (or SEO) is essential to increase the visibility of your website on Google and generate qualified traffic.

Did you know that you must also optimize your old content, to maintain their relevance and positioning in search results?

Find out why, as part of an effective SEO strategy, it is important to regularly optimize your content. We also give you ways to improve your SEO content in order to generate more conversions. 

Why optimize your content to boost your natural SEO? 

Natural referencing is the cheapest and most sustainable lever to guarantee the visibility of your website on Google. In addition to paid advertising, which sometimes requires a significant budget and whose action is limited in time, a natural referencing strategy can continue to generate traffic in the long term.

Writing relevant content for the web requires a certain talent. At the same time, you must   respond to Internet users’ requests and demonstrate your expertise in your field of activity. It is also necessary to publish diverse texts. The goal? Target prospects at different stages of their consumer journey. This allows you to create entry points on your site, depending on the maturity of this journey. This way you reach the right target at the right time and you get more qualified traffic to your website.

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It often happens that once published, we no longer take care of the SEO content. But this is a mistake, because in the meantime your competitors are optimizing their offer and publishing ecommerce seo firmcontent to compete with you on Google. Although adding new content is crucial, it is also important to improve your current content, for the following reasons:

Gain clarity on your current marketing and SEO content

Writing content is not an easy exercise when you have to combine marketing speech and keywords for SEO. Sometimes, you have to quickly write several long texts to be competitive and taking a step back is not always possible. So, we generally publish the first draft of content that we have written. But new information can be injected into your content, to better express your expertise to your customers.

Save time and resources

Creating new content is very important to maintain the relevance and visibility of your website, but it takes time. By optimizing your old content regularly, you can save time and resources. It’s easier to add keywords once the first draft is published. This allows you to gain points in terms of SEO optimization, in the eyes of Google.

Search engine algorithms change regularly

The search algorithms used by Google and other search engines change frequently. What was effective for SEO a few years ago may not be effective today. By optimizing your content for SEO, you can ensure that it remains compliant with Google’s latest SEO practices.

Reduce the bounce rate on your pages

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after visiting a single page, without taking any action (clicking on a CTA, playing video, contacting, etc.). If your content is outdated or uninteresting, your visitors are likely to leave your site quickly. By optimizing your old content to provide more relevant content, you can reduce the bounce rate.

Improve visit time to convert

If your content is interesting and relevant, visitors are more likely to stay on your site, and that visit is more likely to result in a conversion. The strategy of ensuring relevant content for your visitors can therefore improve your book marketing servicesconversion rate.

Your competitors have posted a similar article online 

In some markets, competition is tough. Maybe your competitors put a longer, more detailed article online and became more visible than you, causing you to lose business. It is therefore important for you to maintain your SEO positions on search engines, to monitor the competition and not to let yourself be overtaken!

How to improve your old content for SEO?

Offer content that is relevant to your customers’ needs

Thanks to tracking tools like Analytics, you can analyze the behavior of your targets on your website. You can understand which pages are bringing traffic, which pages are converting and which pages are not performing. Use data about your customers to maintain the relevance of your content and then lead them to make contact.

Identify important keywords for your content

When you created your content when the site went live, you may not have written it for SEO specifically. You probably didn’t have a clear idea of ​​which keywords to target to respond to Internet users’ queries. By optimizing your old content, you can add important keywords that will help people find you. By rewriting this content, you will bring search engine robots back to your pages, which will allow Google to reassess the relevance of your texts

Offer diversified content

You will be able to add additional informationimages and videos to make your content more attractive and useful for readers. A page that presents several types of content, text as well as image media, infographics and videos, has a greater chance of being well positioned if you meet a user need. 

Take inspiration from content that works for competitors

You can see how the content of your better positioned competitors is constructed. Improve your own content using this new information, by adding content to your pages in order to exceed their SEO optimization score and try to move up in the positioning of search results.

As a reminder, it is estimated that the first 3 sites on the 1st page of results on Google alone capture 60% of clicks!


Best practices for optimizing your SEO content

Now that you know why it’s important to improve your old content for SEO, here are some tips on how to do it.

Perform an analysis of your old content

Before you start optimizing your texts, you need to detect content that needs to be updated. Thanks to digital analysis tools, you can obtain information about the browsing behavior of your target visitors. But this is not enough: you must also find information on the purchasing behavior of your customers, thanks to your field teams, your salespeople and your marketing department. And this, in order to bring out needs that can only be understood with anonymous data analysis. 

Perform an analysis of your different content to determine which pages need improvement

  • Landing page (front door to your site)
  • Commercial offer pages or product pages 
  • Pages with CTA, for conversion

Extend this content analysis to determine if the texts are relevant on these pages:

  • Are these pages well positioned? 
  • Is the conversion rate good? 
  • Is the targeted keyword relevant, given search volumes? 
  • Do they contain enough keywords?

Add additional information and media

Once you have identified the content to update, add additional information to make the texts more relevant to users. You can also add images, videos, charts and tables, to make your content more interesting and informative. So you can:

  • Add additional text to your existing text
  • Add the necessary keywords for Google
  • Add media: images, videos, infographics…
  • Add resources to download: white papers, product sheets, etc.
  • On your product sheets, you can add more information about your products as well as reviews from your customers

Add internal links

Add links between your strategic pages (expertise, products, etc.). A well-designed internal network makes navigation easier for visitors. It also helps search engines understand the structure of your websiteYour site’s internal links should be designed to optimize bot traffic between your strategic pages, which will improve your SEO.

Add CTAs 

CTAs (call-to-action) must encourage your targets to take actions on your website: make contact, call, request a quote, download documentation, etc. The more visible and incentive your action buttons are, the more you have chance of converting. 

Use the same color for each type of button: for example, red for contact, green for quotes… Use action keywords, precisely, like “request a quote” or “make an appointment for a demo”.


The benefits of updating the content of your site 

After updating your content for SEO, you should observe, within 4 to 6 months following optimization, an increase in the positioning of your worked pages. 

Thanks to these optimizations, you will be able to boost traffic on your strategic pages and improve the conversion rate

Measure your SEO actions with keyword positioning tools, as well as audience monitoring tools, to check that the optimizations carried out are sufficiently successful. 

Improve your site’s SEO performance with our personalized content writing agency 

Our expert SEO editors write quality articles, optimized for Internet users and search engines (SERP). 

You understand: content plays a key role in the process of capturing and converting your prospects. You demonstrate your expertise, you attract and captivate your target, thus converting your prospects into customers.

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