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Skyward Family Access

Skyward family access is an online tool that enables families to stay more involved with the education of their student. It enables parents to view real-time information regarding grades, attendance records, shot records and food service balances of individual students.

One Skyward username will work for all active students in a household, with mobile app availability to facilitate convenient access.


Skyward FBISD gives parents and students access to course grades, assignments, attendance information and more – this system replaces FOCUS (the previous student information system used by the district). Furthermore, teachers can easily share grade data with family members through this tool.

Parents and students can use Skyward Family Access to view course grades, messages, attendance records and demographic data on both desktops and mobile devices. Parents can also track academic progress while paying school fees through this portal.

Families looking to access Skyward Family Access should visit the website and enter their email address as it appears on file with their school. Users may click “Forgot Login/Password?” if their password needs reset; new families will receive both their user name and password following online enrollment.


Parents and students can access online student data including test scores, attendance and class schedules. Emergency contact details can also be verified on-line for each student. Students can log into their Skyward accounts from any device with internet access from home or elsewhere.

Parents or guardians can easily report student absences via Skyward Family Access accounts. After signing in, they simply select the student they’re reporting absence for and select “Absence Notification Tab,” adding details about date, time and reason of their absence.

Deer Lakes School District parents and students can use Skyward to monitor grades, assignments and in-school behavior. Parents and students also gain access to calendars, teacher notes and attendance records through this system. If they don’t already have it set up they can enroll their students electronically by visiting the district website.


Skyward Family Access updates its schedules real time. For instance, when your child charges lunch at noon on Monday and submits it through Skyward/Family Access two minutes later due to staff entering data in real time rather than waiting until the end of each day to upload attendance and meal charge data.

Teachers typically update grades eight times annually at high schools and six times annually at middle schools, following semester and trimester reporting dates. It’s up to each teacher’s professional discretion as to when updates should occur more frequently.

Students also benefit from Skyward Student Access by having their own login to track test scores, grades and class schedules. The app can be found in Apple, Google and Amazon app stores for use across a range of mobile devices.


Skyward Family Access is an internet service for parents and students that enables them to monitor grades, attendance records and school information of their student at any time, from any location via secure login – accessible both as desktop/laptop computer access as well as mobile apps for Apple or Android mobile devices.

Start by clicking “Forgot Login Information” in Skyward Family Access login portal and providing your email address; your login information will then be emailed directly. Additionally, Chrome’s translation feature enables you to translate this page and other parts of Skyward into any desired language.

Parent Portal

Skyward Parent Portal allows parents and students to gain online access to student information such as test scores, class schedules and immunization records. Furthermore, parents can verify whether emergency contact details remain up-to-date through this portal.

Family Access username and password information will be emailed directly to the email address on file with Skyward Qmlativ student information system. If you need help logging in, please visit the Help Desk for assistance.

Skyward mobile access enables parents to easily view student information on their smartphone or tablet via an app available in both Google Play and App Store, available in over 90 languages. In addition, parents can download TEA’s Student Portal to gain direct access to STAAR grades 3-8 results as well as end-of-course assessments results.

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