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The Dumpor: The Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Dumpor, the algorithms-based Instagram Story viewer on Instagram and has been earning quite an image in the past couple of weeks. I felt compelled to check at it to find out the hype regarding. I knew from the beginning that this would be a powerful tool however, if you’re not cautious, it could end up damaging your reputation, or even your safety. This is the information you need to be aware of with regard to dumpor before you install it.

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is an application that lets you private and safely view all Instagram account of any individual. Additionally, you can check the profile of any user or their followers when they were live to see who they’re following, as well in the amount of people that they are following. Another great feature is the ability to find users by locations, meaning you can find them who are in your area! are many untrustworthy applications which promise to protect your information. However, they’re not as safe as Dumpor’s level of security. Dumpor was completely rebuilt completely from scratch with modern software and advanced encryption that permits its users to become the sole one to protect your data. We follow zero-logs policies and don’t keep any of your the information we collect within our databases!

If you download dumpor, make sure you read these terms and the conditions. We value privacy here at Dumpor, so ensure you make use of Dumpor responsibly. If you have any problems, send us an email with the details of your issue and include your suggestions!

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How Do I Use It?

If you’re interested in viewing the person’s Instas but you’d like to ensure they aren’t aware that you are, Dumpor is a great alternative to accomplish this. Enter their username , and Dumpor will display their photos and stories that are tagged (if you have them). You can also see who their followers are , and browse their stories and posts without being a follower. You can also follow them to follow them back. To keep your personal information entirely private, simply shut down your browser whenever you feel like it. With just one click, you can be visible to the world of social media. Dumpor is a user-friendly tool that keeps all its users safe as they do what they want or need to accomplish.

Everyone knows what the risk of stalking individuals on social media and we at Dumpor are very conscious of privacy. Our servers are secured so that no information is ever lost to us. We completely oppose keeping IP addresses, or any other information that can identify you personally , such as telephone numbers, email addresses or any other data. Contrary to other businesses.

What is it and why is it useful?

Many people want to follow their former love interests or others in secret. They wish to be aware of what they post on their social media accounts however they do not wish for people to know of what they’re posting. There’s also the possibility of feeling anger or anger about some thing. Dumpor lets you browse your ex’s Instagram pictures and stories without being conscious of it. There is no requirement to join in any way which makes it completely untraceable. You can ensure that there aren’t any pictures of family or friends, as well as through searching for tags in your area or in other areas of interest , like cities, neighborhoods, etc.

Users are informed immediately by push notifications, which means they’ll never miss any important information. It’s simple to find profiles because it is based on your phonebook of the individual (this is only feasible when the users have a mutual agreement) and permits users access to their accounts even if they haven’t yet registered. This makes it easier to not accumulate tons of clutter when you’re browsing through your files.

Users will get instant push notifications whenever they are followed back by someone. This is exactly the same as Twitter and Tinder notifications, however it is available on mobile devices at anytime, anywhere users are able to browse post that is marked private using an interface that is designed that is designed for mapping! Should users wish to add safety features to their profile, there will look into adding the ability to identify individuals in the future. We’ll also be making sure that they don’t show their name on the map!


Dumpor is a free and completely private Instagram viewer that allows you to access Instagram Stories and Profiles with complete privacy. Through Dumpor the ability to browse Instagram users by tags or locations to find all of their Instagram stories from the past 24 hours or save their Instagram stories. Dumpor also gives you access to the complete user profile along with the followers and friends of every user at free. Privacy-friendly Instagram viewing is made simple through Dumpor Why should you use Dumpor? Share your story privately with other users using photo, video or drawing tools. You can also look through other Instagram users ‘ Stories without needing to inform them (when they’re not followers).

There are a variety of situations in which it’s not appropriate to notify people that their profile was looked at (e.g. the person has removed your account off their feed following viewing your profile picture in their feed) It would be fantastic to have an app to allows users to browse their pictures and not alert that they have seen it…and this is precisely the goal for dumpor! You don’t want to become lost in the whirlwind of fashions . Install dumpor today and not miss a news article!


While some of the functions of Dumpor could appear safe by themselves however when used together, they can be extremely risky. For example, effortlessly monitor and follow the person’s profile by browsing their stories in a private way. Much like geolocation. While tagging locations won’t reveal the username or profile picture to anyone else when it’s done manually (i.e. using an image taken from one location and then uploading it to another location that has been tagged) It’s additionally possible to mark multiple places in photos to create part of the story that people are able would like.

When used in a way that is malicious by third-party entities the tools could cause severe harm the people using them. In addition to the security threats that come when using these tools, there are privacy concerns that can arise from the use of these tools since many users utilize Instagram stories on public platforms.


Dumpor lets you browse through stories as well as profiles and posts made by others in anonymity. Through Dumpor it is also possible to search for tags and profiles in anonymity. Dumpor is available on Google Play Store and App Store. Get it now to safeguard your privacy Your life will get more interesting and fascinating.

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