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My favorite type of clothing is a hoodie. I like making them, wearing them, and designing them. I may feel cozy and safe in a hoodie, or strong when I’m feeling weak. Nothing expresses my emotions better when I just want to concentrate and be in my comfort zone than a sweatshirt pulled up. What other item of clothing serves such a diverse range of purposes?

When a hood was initially added to a sweatshirt to keep players warm while training, the 1930s, according to the American sportswear brand Champion, is when the contemporary hoodie was first created. In order to remain comfortable in their sometimes chilly and draughty environments, warehouse workers in New York began to adopt the same type of sweatshirt. Ahegao Faces

As hip-hop culture embraced the garment in the middle of the 1970s, the hoodie finally moved beyond its functional origins. Hoodies were worn by breakdancers “to keep their bodies warm before they hit the floor,” while graffiti artists donned them to conceal their identities.

Yet it wasn’t until the popularity of the movie Rocky in 1976 that the hoodie became widely acknowledged as a fashion accessory.

I’ll explain the significance of the hoodie in the movie with a quick review of Stallone’s writing.

Although the grey hoodie serves as a symbol for the plot, Rocky isn’t seen wearing it until around halfway through the movie. Rocky’s initial attire includes a leather jacket and fedora hat, all of which serve to highlight his effort to hide his perilous position as a failed boxer and debt collector.

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