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Top 5 Word Games

Word games are engaging, intellectual activities designed to increase a player’s abilities with language. Word games can be both challenging and rewarding while helping increase vocabulary knowledge.

Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, initially created Wordle as an exercise for himself and his partner only; but as it became an essential component of their WhatsApp chats with family, Wardle decided to open up the game to everyone.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a widely played Zynga game available for iOS, Android, Windows Phones and Facebook phones; also on Kindle Fires and Nook Tablets.

Qourdle allows users to compete head-to-head against an opponent in word matches, offering various challenges and rewards such as badges, power-ups, and even meeting potential partners! Some have even met and started dating through this game!

Although this app doesn’t feature specific safety measures designed to keep kids secure, it’s essential that parents remind their child they may come across online predators when playing or communicating online. Remind them to always keep personal information private and resign from any game where their opponent behaves inappropriately; you can use Settings to disable global chat features to protect privacy when exchanging private messages both ways.


Wordscapes is an entertaining and immersive word game that challenges players to form words using letters. This game can help relieve stress while improving vocabulary while improving concentration and mental agility. Furthermore, its multiple levels that increase in difficulty makes Wordscapes a fantastic option for word game enthusiasts.

Wordscapes allows players to swipe letters in different directions to form words within a crossword-style grid, filling in any blanks with newly formed ones to complete puzzles faster and purchase power-ups that speed your progression through levels faster.

Wordscapes, developed by People Fun, is a highly-acclaimed mobile app that offers players a relaxing break from daily life. Boasting more than 6,000 puzzles that start off easy but become increasingly challenging over time, Wordscapes can be played on any device for free download, with some in-app purchases available; you can even compete in weekly tournaments to earn extra coins and rewards!


SpellTower, Sage Solitaire and Really Bad Chess creators have come up with this new take on anagrams, word searches and crossword puzzles in mobile form – Anagrams: Crossword Clue Puzzles (iOS only). This mobile game requires both an extensive vocabulary and some deductive reasoning in order to locate words hidden among columns of scrambled letters in an attempt to uncover words within columns of scrambled letters. With hundreds of standard puzzles as well as special Clue puzzles which combine crossword fun and anagrams; there is even an ongoing weekly challenge which increases in difficulty during each week – an anagrams provides hours of entertainment during its playing sessions!

This game works like the tumblers on a combination lock, shifting column letters up and down to form words as you discover them. Correctly-spelled words change colors; your goal should be to use all letters at least once!

The free version offers hundreds of puzzles, as well as a daily challenge, while additional puzzle packs may be purchased to remove ads and unlock themes and statistics. There are hints available; however, the game encourages players to solve each puzzle independently.


Wordle, a daily word game in which players must guess a secret five-letter word within six attempts has become immensely popular on social media in recent years. Easy and fun to play, all it requires is an internet browser and daily reset of its word; results can then be shared without spoilers!

This game uses logic and strategy to identify its answers while also teaching vocabulary and spelling. It is particularly beneficial for language learners as it reveals new words (such as SKILL and SHAWL ) frequently used in English language.

Wordle is an accessible game with plenty of tips and tricks for improving your score, including using a good start word (try not to repeat letters), remembering duplicate letter possibilities and saving an attempt for vowels. Wordle also makes sharing fun by enabling users to copy colorful grids from Wordle and paste it directly into tweets, Facebook posts or instant messages – ideal for sharing!

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