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Tosh Trek – Most Underrated Trek

Tosh Trek


Another day, another natural wonder from Uttaranchal. Tosh trek is known for its snow caped mountains, serenic views, waterfalls and lush green-white valleys. Varshaini or Barshaini is the starting point of the Trek. Located 3 kms from Barshaini, you can do a short trek and reach Tosh Village. 

Why should you visit Tosh? 

If, in case, you want to leave behind the hustle bustle of your city/ metropolitan life then Tosh is preferred. Reaching that last bar of the network is pretty impossible here. Even though Tosh is connected with motor roadways, large vehicles are inaccessible. If.. you are interested in say, pharmacology, then Tosh would also pique your interests. Something that is not widely seen or widely accepted in other parts of the country can be seen in Tosh. Drugs. Don’t get me wrong, but Tosh has been recognized for its ‘Hippie Culture’. Most of the international travels from The USA, the European Union and the Middle East visit Tosh for the sole purpose of this culture. Some say that Marijuana is the face of the Valley. So, up for partying and a wild holiday with musics, subtle weather and like-minded people? Then Tosh is the right place for you. 

Why is Tosh soo underrated? 

Tosh is quite popular, But, people would not visit because there isn’t much to do there. Two days would be more than enough to spend and explore Tosh. That is why, for long vacations people would prefer Dehra Dun or Nainital. But, if you are looking to spend your long weekends, then Tosh would be preferable. Tosh trek isn’t that hard also. That is exactly why people with a zeal for adventure would prefer a much moderately difficult trek. 

Weather in Tosh 

Weather in Tosh trek can remain calm throughout the year. April to November remains the best time to visit. If you enjoy the coldness and the snow then visiting Tosh during November to February would be the best! Don’t forget to pack some blankets and sweaters. 

Food and stay at Tosh 

Tosh village has insane stays or accommodation services. There are many cafes, luxury hotels, great food and a mystic camping experience. Pre-booking all the services would be the best option for a tense-free trip. When it comes to food, Tosh would serve European, Indian and Asain cuisine. Don’t freak out if the bills are expensive, due to Tosh’s easily inaccessible location, sourcing raw materials and food items would be harder. The nostalgic  ‘pahhad ki maggi’ with hot chai and pakoras with chai in the sizzling chilly weather… just imagine… the bliss. 


Every summer you can expect to see Himalayan blue poppies, buttercups, primulas, marigold and Balsam flowers. Animal husbandry is pretty widespread through out the village. You will find goats, yaks and many other domesticated animals. Tosh Glacier is surrounded by numerous mountains. The tosh glacier is surrounded by Papasura, White Sail, Angduri, Pinnacle, and Devachan. I’m going to assume that you already know that Parvati Valley is the best place to spend the weekend in the north. Kheerganga Trek and Grahan Village Trek are two additional treks in the Parvati Valley.

Is Tosh trek difficult? 

Tosh trek is relatively easy compared to many other treks. You can cover it in half a day. But, if you decide to trek till the Tosh Glacier, then you’ll have to witness rock and slippery mud that will make the trek moderately harder. 

Listening to the cult story of The Jagdambani mandir from the villagers is something NOT to miss. But, while trekking it is not advisable to proximisize the river. So, bathing in the water and the waterfall is discouraged because the currents can be fatal. Trekking after 8 is also a negateted thing to do due to the often visitation of big bears. This can cost life. 

Let’s say… 

You start from Barshaini, trek to the waterfalls and the apple orchards. Give your tastebuds a proper treat at local cafes and dhabas. Tosh Village can be explored in two days. You can plan a direct trek to the Tosh Glacier trek if you have an additional two to three days. Prepare in advance for the Tosh Glacier trek because the trek after Tosh Village is difficult and requires hiring an experienced guide.


Tosh can be called the Goa of the mountains. Tosh village is the place to be if you want to take your family on a relaxing yet exotic vacation! This village is close to Kasol, another popular Himachal Pradesh destination. The world-renowned UNESCO heritage site of Great Himalayan National Park, the magnificent Naggar Castle, Parvati Valley, the Bijli Mahadev Temple, and a variety of other temples and locations make Kasol and Tosh a must-visit destination. Don’t miss the hot springs and the ecstacy of Kheerganga because these will remain frever in the diary fo your life. 

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