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What are the hardware specifications of a PC?

What are the hardware specifications of a PC?
What are the hardware specifications of a PC?

That’s a common question, and one that often comes up with PC cases and coolers. There’s some debate among enthusiasts about what counts as an appropriate amount of air in a system, so what exactly does it mean to have a reasonable number of cubic centimeters in your case? The Question What are the hardware specifications of a PC?  is quite common.

If you’ve been a PC owner for a while, you’ve most likely heard of several general measures of a PC’s performance, such as the Core i7 and Xeon CPU, example. There are also numbers that are known to enthusiasts, including the PCMark 8, which reports on benchmarks and gaming scores.

For many users, however, it can be a little confusing and opaque. Not to mention, if you don’t keep up with the latest hardware specs, a PC with a Skylake CPU and a 900-series motherboard can be easily trumped by one with a Coffee Lake CPU and a Z390 motherboard.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your hardware or your PC, what should you be looking out for?

It all starts with a motherboard

The motherboard you choose will determine what your computer has to offer, and not just in terms of performance. When you add up the number of PCIe lanes, USB ports, SATA ports, and other details on a motherboard, you’ll likely end up with a larger number than just the number of CPUs you’re using.

There are two main families of motherboards — the H97 and the Z170. Both families of motherboards work with Intel’s most recent-generation CPU, but they also work with AMD’s latest Ryzen CPUs and the high-performance X470 chipsets.

The important thing to note about these motherboards is that, at this point in time, the bulk of Ryzen motherboards support all of the major socket configurations, except for the 16-core, 32-thread Core i9-9900K, and the 44-core, 64-thread Threadripper 2950X.

In other words, if you’re planning to buy a motherboard and want to ensure that your CPU and motherboard can run properly together, you may need to get more than just a Ryzen CPU and a Z390 motherboard.

In the near future, that may not be an issue, but if you don’t plan to upgrade for at least two years, you may want to plan ahead and buy a CPU that works well with your motherboard. I try to explain to you What are the hardware specifications of a PC?

You should also consider the amount of RAM on the motherboard

Most new motherboards have support for more than 4GB of RAM. While 8GB is the most popular configuration (and the most easily available), there are a few more RAM configurations available, and with an increase in RAM comes a better overall gaming experience.

What are the hardware specifications of a PC?

For example, when it comes to gaming, RAM is crucial. Though your GPU may be fast enough to render all of the content on your screen, the additional computing power your RAM provides can significantly improve frame rates, especially at lower resolutions.

It’s why some gaming laptops come with a hefty amount of RAM, and why Nvidia’s Max-Q design philosophy is so important to gaming laptops. It’s also why gaming PCs come with more RAM than your average system.

This is because, unlike CPU or GPU cores, GPUs are much more expensive, which means that, in some cases, simply increasing the GPU clock speed may not be enough.

In many cases, you’ll be able to get a very slight bump in performance by doubling the amount of RAM in the system. This is why enthusiasts often look for as much RAM as possible in a gaming PC because it can make a significant difference.

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Other features to consider

Unfortunately, motherboards aren’t all that expensive — and the good ones often have great reviews on Amazon and other stores. However, these days, it’s not uncommon for some motherboards to cost more than $100.

This is due to, unfortunately, the nature of integrated Intel graphics, which have become more and more important as more of the market shifts to discrete graphics cards. While the manufacturers still offer integrated graphics, in most cases, the integrated graphics chipsets are able to render a much higher amount of graphical content.

If you plan to use your PC for gaming, then you’ll likely want to have a discrete GPU installed, which will cost you a considerable amount of money. Just make sure you have the right motherboard for your GPU choice and don’t rush to pick one. Here are the features that you should be looking for when buying a motherboard.

Up to 32GB of RAM

Up to 64GB of RAM

At a bare minimum, your motherboard should support 16GB of RAM, but it’s not uncommon to see high-end motherboards support up to 64 GB. These motherboards have a rather significant advantage over the rest of the market because the memory can be connected in either dual-channel (which allows for a total of 64GB of RAM) or quad-channel (which allows for a total of 128GB of RAM). This gives you the opportunity to have up to four CPU cores, and each of those cores can access 64GB of RAM.

This is why you should consider a motherboard with 32GB of RAM, or even 64GB of RAM if that’s an option.

For those on a budget, look for one with just 16GB of RAM. Now, What are the hardware specifications of a PC? is not difficult for you.

Hope You know the answer Now: What are the hardware specifications of a PC?

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