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What exactly is Jeet11 and how do I play Jeet 11?

Jeet11 is a different dream gaming platform that was established on the 15th of May 2015, with Farid Ahsan Bhanu Singh, as well as Ankush Sachdeva. Share Chat chose to make its own fantasy game application, Jeet11 due to the growing popularity of the creative mind sports in India. Mohalla Tech Private Limited possesses and runs on the game application that has more than 1 lakh downloads and over 120K registered users. In close proximity to English the game has access to over 13 dialects of the local language used every day throughout Indium which includes Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Rajasthani, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

In this area, players can participate in various exercises such as Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi and also delightful competitions and tests.

Jeet11’s Unique Features:

The game programming has secured its position on the market of dream sports because of the specific factors that include: –

Admission to the gaming arena without downloading an application.

There is a compelling reason to verify your character prior to starting the game.

It is possible for players to create their own dream cricket team considering the number of people are currently online.

It helps in the development of a team in the context of the performance of players in actual games.

Players can frame groups of up to eleven people in a simulation of playing a real match on the playing field.

Clients get Rs. 10 to sign up as a motivator that can be used as a reward for any challenges.

Every reward that members earn following their success in a particular game or test is promptly credited to their PayTM wallets.

The funds could be returned and taken off the ledgers of players.

Customers will also receive the amount of Rs. 100 when someone signs up on Jeet11 Jeet11 App utilizing their reference code, and An immunity Card for the initial and third reference.

Jeet11 Login Procedure

The user interface of the Jeet11 App is simple to use, simple to use, and comparable to other dream sports apps accessible. Customers can be close to the gaming arena through their website or downloading the app through on the Google Play Store. It’s currently available to Android phones and isn’t available through the iOS AppStore. The next step is some of the steps that every player must complete before participating in any contest in this game:

To send off or introduce the Jeet11 App from the Play Store, go to the Jeet11 site (

Choose the language you’ll be able to access the application’s core.

From the top, you’ll be able to see the main gaming page, which is divided into three categories (Cricket, Football, and Games) and the Sign-in Button located in the upper right corner.

The next step is to click the sign-in button, and then enter your name, number of your cell phone, OTP, and reference code (if there’s one).

Now, you can access your dashboard, which includes the Rs. 10 sign-up fee and Match history Refer and Earn Premium Membership Language, Created Competitions as well as Rewards, Instructions for Playing Suggestion Box, as well as the option to log out.

How do I use the Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App?

If you want to participate in a challenge that is paid on the dream cricket app jeet11 You must first join any challenge you choose to join. But, before joining examine your records and determine the amount of cash you have. Participate in any challenge with an entry cost that is comparable to, or even less than the reward you receive when you sign up. Following your participation the challenge, you must frame your group. This way, after the throw of the coin, you should attempt to take part in any challenge. You will know who’s participating. You can pick one or two wicket-keepers to make up your own squad. 5-6 batsmen, 2-3 all-rounders and 4 or 5 bowlers are

A group may have a maximum of seven players. The group should remain in place until the game hasn’t ended after you have joined. Review your records after the challenge is completed. If you win, you’ll be notified. It is possible to be able to see it. If you do win the prize, it will be recorded in your winning record two hours after.

Here is the complete explanation of Jeet11.

We have referred to the Jeet11 founders, their origins and the Meaning of Jeet11 and how you can Play Jeet11, and Download Jeet 11. We hope that you took part in our piece. Make sure to leave comments about our articles so that we can keep improving our content.

Everybody in the modern age is connected to their phones and lives in their world. Today there are many apps that are innovative and new which make life easier. Additionally, for every  sportdevotee there are some fantasies sports programs available on both the Play Store or the App Store.

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