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What food items should you avoid after having your nose pierced?

The demand for nose piercings has risen over the last 10 years and so has the amount of people with this type of piercing. But, they need special treatment after the piercing process after it has been completed. Be aware of the restrictions to your diet prior to and during the piercing procedure.

The puncturing of the nose is a mark of transition for many. It’s not only a wonderful physical transformation, but also it’s an experience of emotion. One of the first things that people do after having their piercings is to have an eat in order to help make the procedure feel more comfortable. But do you know certain foods that can cause harm to the nose piercing? This post will assist you in understanding the foods to avoid following the piercing procedure of the nose.

What are the best foods to avoid following a nose piercings?

Many people with nose piercings inquire with the professional body piercer of their choice about the foods they should avoid. However, it’s equally essential to inquire with your body piercer professional about foods to stay away from when you have a nose piercing. The mouth and the nose are both linked.

They are linked to nerves, and can result in a condition known by the term “locked jaw syndrome.” It is important to stay away from certain foods after the puncturing of your nose such as raw eggs, food items containing fresh seafood and raw meat. It is also important to avoid eating foods containing spices immediately following the piercings on your nostrils.

1. Foods that are huge

Certain foods are best avoided if you have the nose of or piercing. For instance, food items which are large could cause physical harm. This is because the piercing may damage the skin of your nose and weaken the cartilage. This cartilage connects the septum and the nose. Additionally, the piercing of your nose can strain the tissues that connect your nostrils. The cartilage used in nose piercing could be thin, and is likely to be stretched to the point of tears and then stretched thin. If this happens, you’ll have to take off the puncture.

2. Food items that are crunchy

Have you thought about the things that is to be avoided in the event of a nose puncture? For some people even the tiniest of objects can trigger discomfort. That’s why it’s important to stay clear of food items which are crunchy like peanuts or nuts. These kinds of food items can result in irritation of the nose and can cause discomfort. If your nose is still painful it is best to avoid them.

3. Hot and spicy food

Consuming food that is spicy could cause many problems for your body, including the mouth, throat, and stomach. If you have an open nose, it’s advised to avoid eating spicy foods such as tabasco, jalapeno or salsa. The heat can result in irritation of the mucous membrane which can cause bleeding from your nose or cause other health issues. If you’re not sure if what foods to avoid, you can search “spicy foods to stay clear of” to find the answer.

4. Hot drink with steam!

If you’ve recently received a nose piercing at the hospital, that you’re looking for something warm and soothing. Hot chocolate hot tea hot coffee all are inviting! Before you head out for drinks, be sure to take note of certain food items that could create chaos on the piercing that you just acquired. Hot food items can make an ointment to cover the new puncture.

When liquids are hot, it could cause the nose swelling. The steam can cause the piercing to become open and close. What can you eat or drink? Iced liquids, such as Iced tea, can help ease the perforation while helping heal. Additionally, you can consume plenty of ice or even pour the ice in a cup to relieve the pain of the perforation. If you’re planning to sip hot drinks, make sure there isn’t any steam.

5. Acidic and Sour Foods

The healing process after a nasal piercing is significantly less than the time it takes to heal following any other procedure, such as surgery. The reason is that the skin surrounding the piercing is less damaged. It is nevertheless essential to maintain the cleanliness of your nose and avoid eating certain food items that can delay healing or cause an infection. Things to avoid following the piercings of your nose are acids and sour food items , such as plums, tomatoes and other fruits made with high sodium, as and salt.

6. Sugary Food

Foods that are high in sugar can be harmful to healing. If you’re trying to heal a piercing, it is important to be mindful eating what you eat. If you’re eating food that are sugar-based this could cause the piercing grow longer. It is important to steer free of sweet and starchy foods prior to taking the piercing. Consuming such foods can reduce the time required for your body’s tissues to heal the wound.

Things to avoid an incident where the nose was punctured

1. Don’t make use of antiseptics

For nose perforations, there’s various steps you can undertake to protect the perforation as well as avoid infection. One thing to be aware of is not using antiseptics or other harsh cleaning agents. They can cause tissue damage and cause closure of the injury. The best way to prevent this is clean them by using moderate soap with warm water. Additionally, there are some things that you need to stay clear of. Avoid blowing your nose or engaging in other breathing exercises to your nose. Be aware when you shower. Avoid showers that are hot and avoid showering for longer than a week after the puncture.

2. Don’t play with your puncture!

If you have an ear piercing , then you’ll have to take proper treatment of the piercing. It’s your own personal style that will be proud to display. It’s important to realize that it could get damaged when you play with it, or if you put it in the danger of getting infected. It is not recommended to use the piercings to play.

3. Avoid swimming

After having their noses punctured many people might wish to go swimming at the beach or even take a bath on the sea. It is essential to remember that the process of piercing your nose is healing, so you must not swim for about six weeks.

4. Avoid sport!

It’s not advised to participate in any sports for the initial few months after getting your nose punctured. The reason for this is because the area of the nose that was punctured could be infected. Piercings on the nose can also be prone to infection due to an opportunity for bleeding. So, it is recommended to refrain from any activities for the first few months after the piercing in order to prevent any issues.

5. Don’t change your piercing!

Many people want to remove their nose piercings once the healing process is complete. It is essential to not remove the piercing from your nose till the process of healing is over. The piercing in the nose can begin to hurt after a few days. You may be tempted to remove the piercing to believe that it would stop hurting. This is likely to be a major error. It is vital to keep the piercing on your nose to allow it to fully heal. If you remove the piercings on your nose too quickly, the piercing may be damaged, and you could require it to be repaired by a professional.


We’re sure you’ll need to eat something once the nose has been perforated. It’s normal. However, it is important to be aware of certain things to avoid. The reason for this is that they can trigger inflammation and infection. The best method to avoid these foods is to not eat them for at least 24 hours before and following the tattoo. So you’ll be able to recuperate and take care of yourself. It will also help you avoid any issues caused by this new tattoo.

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